1982 Fiat 2000 Spider

Along with the Alfa Romeo Spider, the Fiat 124 and 2000 Spider were some of the most iconic Italian roadsters from the 20th century. Having enjoyed a long 19 year production run, these cars outlasted their parent brand in the United States. This 1982 model represents the final year Fiats were sold new in the United States until the brand returned last year with the Nuova 500. For the car's final three years on sale in the US, it would be called the Pininfarina Spider; essentially the same car minus the Fiat badge. It isn't hard to find good 124 and 2000 Spiders these days; the later models with the larger, federally mandated bumpers being more common.

1982 Fiat 2000 Spider

Body restored and engine rebuilt in 2004. Approximately 9,000 miles on the rebuilt engine. Engine: new head, bearings, piston rings, timing belt, tensioning bearing, fuel pump, water pump. Transmission: New clutch and throwout bearing. Body: Paint base coat clear coat. New convertable top, rechromed bumpers, roll bars, original wheels have been painted. Interior: New carpet, original seats, steering wheel.

Clean, mint condition 124 and 2000 Spiders hover in the $10,000 to $15,000 range these days, with later fuel injected models with the 5 speed manual bringing the better money. This restoration looks very complete, as the paint, interior and wheels look top notch. There's even a nice roll bar installed, which had me thinking for a minute. My father owned a 1968 124 Spider and he autocrossed it on a regular basis with some success. For the brave new owner willing to fit a set of competition tires on a second set of rims, this would prove to be a very worthy and unique entry in a local parking lot course near you.


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