1982 Ferrari 308GTS

The Ferrari 308 needs no introduction here at CICFS, as it is one of the most iconic Italian vehicles of the 1980s. It's performance, arresting wedge shape and sonorous V8 are still revered by Ferrari Tifosi and enthusiasts across the automotive spectrum alike. Recent values have been dipping into the range where these cars are more accessible to a wider audience. However, given this, one must approach with caution to make sure their investment doesn't go up in smoke, literally. Here is a nice, original example for sale in California with slightly higher than average mileage but looking every bit as radiant as it did when new.

1982 Ferrari 308GTS

Up for your consideration: A very rare and beautiful Farrari 308 GTS in perfect condition inside and out, this car has all of the origional tools, extra belts and fuses as well as a brand new Farrari car cover that is micro fiber on the inside to prevent scratches. This is truley a amazing car, always garage kept and always serviced by Gary Bobilef motor cars.

I almost can't believe a car this striking is 30 years old, especially given the condition of this example. The buy it now price of $33,500 is squarely in BMW 1 series territory, and it's remarkable that something this exotic could be had for such a low price of entry. The owner sounds as if he has taken good care of it, but it would be wise to look over service records before signing on the dotted line. Also, a recent service would go a long way towards making this an even better value. If you want to try your hand at your best Magnum P.I. impression, here's your chance.


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Dated: Feb 24 2012

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