1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco

The Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV is an Italian performance bargain. These rear drive coupes started life in the 1970s powered by twin cam, four cylinder engines and wound up closing out the production run in the 1980s with V6 power to rival the best sports coupes in their segment. The Balocco edition was a limited edition trim and graphics package for 1982 only, taking its name from the famous test track in Italy. This particular car for sale in the Boston area was originally a west coast car that is complete but could benefit from a little TLC.

1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco

111,000 original miles. Originally a west coast car, this vehicle has never been outside in the winter. It was a daily driver until moved east three years ago and has been garaged since then. Registered in Massachusetts and insured--it still gets out for the occasional drive. A proper tune up, including new plug wires, and some brake work would make this car a dream to drive again.

Paint is faded. Black polyvinyl parts are now greyish. But very limited and superficial surface rust . . . a tiny bit above the rear bumper cover and along the top edge of the boot, a tiny bit of rust below the windscreen gasket, and some significant rust through at the boot latch on the hatch. (Spare replacement hatch included in sale).

Too many “news” to list here: car was well maintained and, again, a daily driver until relatively recently. Timing belt and tensioner were changed at 84,000 miles. Exhaust system is new. Injectors were recently cleaned. Still sitting on nearly new Toyo tires. I have all records from my time as steward. I will also throw in my Car Disk with images of all of the original manuals--both operator, and shop.

Minor trim flaws include broken interior door handles, but I have found replacements and they are included. Dash has four cracks. Leather was repaired once, but the heat of the summer here in the east has led to some stitching failure. The once beautiful red carpeting is a dark pink in places. I am partial, but I believe the Balocco trim package to be one of the prettiest things Alfa has ever done: Black leather with red and black striped welting, teakwood headrest supports, red carpeting.

The electrical system seems free of ghosts, but the windshield wipers aren’t working at the moment, it could just be a relay or fuse. Water temperature gauge is not functioning, but the thermostat is good and the cooling fans run correctly. Tach is not completely accurate. If you know these cars, you know better than to ask about the air conditioning!

Not very pertinent to the true Alfisti, but the car has a great four speaker Rockport Fosgate CD player installed in an aesthetically appropriate manner. I have grown to prefer the sound of the engine! This car is perfectly positioned for restoration, which has been a dream of mine for many years. But I’m going back to school in the fall, and three years in the garage have not been kind to it (the heat-dried upholstery). The three additional years it will have to sit while I complete my graduate degree will do it no good at all.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I know a lot about this car and will be happy to find out anything I DON'T know for you. This Alfa is located in Arlington, MA. You are welcome to come see it in person.

I will not ship personally, however buyer is welcome to arrange pickup with a transportation company of their choice. Deposit of US $500.00 within 24 hours of auction close via PayPal. Full payment required within 5 days of auction close.

Payment methods accepted are:
- Cash (in person)
- Cashier's Check (certified from US or Canadian bank) or money order

Please note: this is a 30 year old automobile. It needs some work, and the auction reserve price and my expectations reflect this. This car is being sold AS IS with no explicit or implied warranty.

Please also note: pictures number one and two are several years old, and from “happier times” on the west coast, just before I drove it across the country and back. What a trip!

Good GTVs of this vintage will run you somewhere between $6,000 and $12,000. The limited edition doesn’t add a whole lot to the value, and given the state of this car, I’d suspect it will fetch somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000.


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  1. Wondering if you had any luck finding a buyer for this car? What number is it? I just acquired #261 which is greatly deteriorated after 15 years of being ignored in a warehouse. I would be interested in the digital files that you have of the owners manuals and shop manuals.

    I do have some history on mine that you can read here:


    Look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me at drjohn461@yahoo.com

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for contacting us and the info. The cars we feature are not our own. If the ad is still active, you can check it out via the big picture in the post (it is linked). It appears the ad isn’t active any more in this case.



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