1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco SE

For twelve years, the Alfa Romeo GTV carried the sport coupe torch for Alfa Romeo. Some liked the fastback looks, others thought the split rear window treatment was a bit odd. Whatever the styling case may be, this was a two door sports car in the Alfa tradition, first with a four cylinder engine which was joined by the 2.5 liter V6 in 1982. With a rear mounted gearbox and near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, these cars were track day stars which made any skeptics forget about the looks. In 1982, a special edition Balocco in the lineup, which was named for Alfa Romeo's test track. To find one of these limited edition models unmolested is near impossible, but a tidy example has surfaced in California with a scant 40,000 miles.

1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco SE

1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco SE #218 of 350 (Original Black - Not Repainted - One of a Kind)
- 39,957 miles
- Vin Number:
(Euro) ZAR 11669000004204
(US) ZAR AA6693C1004204
- #218 of 350 made
- Black leather seats with Balocco red stiching - great condition
- Red Balocco carpeting
- Sunroof
- All the electrical and mechanical work fine
- Engine really clean (doesn't leak oil)
- 15 inch BBS Racing Wheels (spare tire is the original Balocco)
- Performance: Headers, Suspension (with yellow Koni shocks)
- No rust
- No accidents
- Previous work done to the car: headers, suspension, catalitics, timing belt, brakes, tune up, BBS racing wheels and stereo system worth over $5000
- AC needs charging
- Needs new tires

I spoke with Automobilismo Storico Centro Documentazione of Alfa Romeo to verify the VIN numbers. According to their records this car was manufactured on June 1, 1982. The pink slip is clear and in my name. I'm an Alfa Romeo mechanic and specialists with over 40 years experience and serviced this car in 1985-86. I've driven it the past couple days and it drives very fast and handles incredibly with it's performance suspension. This Balocco is originally black and a special order. The previous owner has passed away and didn't leave any records, but he told me he bought this Balocco at the Indianapolis race track in 1984. It was brought over from Italy, with the race car team, and was used on the Indy track as a pace car. After the race he bought it, as-is, and took it back to California.

The starting bid of $7,500 is close to the top of the range when it comes to the GTV6. While this one is a special edition with low mileage, this edition is mainly a trim package. The best example of a GTV6 may bring $10,000 to $12,000 tops. If this one can be snagged for under $10,000, it would be allow room for an AC recharge and would be a welcome addition at the next Alfa Romeo club meet.


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  1. Pet peeve: “AC just needs a recharge”

    At best, there’s a leak in the system somewhere that needs to be located and repaired.

    More often, however, a significant and expensive component in the system is broken, and needs to be replaced.

    Or both.

    Then, after you’ve done all that, the AC needs to be recharged.

    Great car, BTW.

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