1982 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Veloce

One of Alfa Romeo's most successful models was one which never saw the light of day here in the US market: the Alfasud. Constructed at a new factory in the south of Italy as part of a labor agreement with the Italian government, this compact car was quite a departure for Alfa Romeo, as it featured front-wheel drive and a horizontally opposed four cylinder engine. I've never seen one on these shores, but this one for sale in Switzerland is quite appealing, given it is a two door Sprint version and has the more aesthetically pleasing earlier bumpers.

1982 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Veloce

Rare, very beautiful Alfasud Sprint Veloce 1.5, 120,000 km, 95 hp, first hand, runs perfect, no rust. New timing belt replaced, five original steel wheels with small hubcaps are included.

Notorious for their poor build quality and rust issues as a result of crude Russian steel used during manufacture, it amazes me that the seller is asking almost $16,000 USD. Good, clean Spiders can be had for less, and there a multitude of other modern classics out there which offer more bang for the buck. If this car was for sale at just under half of the asking price, it would start to look a bit more appealing, given its condition.


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  1. Actually I don’t think the price is too far out of line for what looks like a dealer. Swiss used car prices aren’t that cheap from dealers plus rare Alfas (and a one-owner, rust free Sud Sprint is rare) seem to fetch more in Europe than they do over here in the US. It still seems that I can pick up a clean Spider here on the West Coast for a lot less than they would fetch in Europe, too.

    I’ve owned a 1.7L one in the UK over a decade back and they are very neat cars and surprisingly quick for the power. Plus they handle even better than a standard ‘sud due to the overall lower center of gravity.

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