1980 Maserati Kyalami

Looking back at Maserati's history, it's rather remarkable that the cars with the Trident badge are still with us to this day. After a divorce from parent company Citroën in the mid 1970s, Alejandro DeTomaso came in to save the day and controlled the company into the 1990s. It was during this time that DeTomaso introduced the Longchamp, a GT coupe powered by Ford's Cleveland V8. Maserati was given their own version of this coupe, with its name coming from the famed South African racetrack. Instead of an American engine under the hood, however, you will find either a 4.2 liter or, in the case of our feature car, a 4.9 liter V8 from Maserati's own parts bin.

The Kyalami was a sharp looking car, and quite rare, with under 200 built from 1976 through 1983. As a result, this is a relatively obscure car to even the most hardcore automotive enthusiasts, which is a shame, given how capable this coupe was. For sale in Vienna, this restored Kyalami looks sharp in metallic red and offers a glimpse into the days when Maserati was on the edge of extinction.

1980 Maserati Kyalami

Perfectly restored collector's vehicle, extremely rare, recent service.

In comparison to its sibling, the Longchamp, the Kyalami usually brings just a bit more in terms of value. This is mainly a result of its Italian engine under the hood. A good example like this should run anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000. With a manual transmission and a good quality restoration such as this, I'd suspect this car is worth somewhere around $45,000.