1979 Fiat Strada

When it debuted in 1978, the Fiat Ritmo, known as the Strada in the US market, was quite different from the other small cars out there at the time. It was also quite a departure from its replacement, the venerable 128. It's distinctive front end and sunken in round headlamps was the work of Bertone, while the rear hatchback added versatility. Power came from a 1.5 liter, twin cam four cylinder with 69 horsepower mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. Stradas are virtually impossible to find no matter the condition these days, as the tin worm took its toll on most of them. This three door model for sale in California is remarkably in tact after undergoing a restoration.

1979 Fiat Strada

Up for sale is an excellent 1979 Fiat 138 3 door Strada Hatchback. This rare and utilitarian FIAT has recently received a cosmetic restoration, including paint. It runs smoothly and gets great fuel economy. The body is very straight and the paint presents beautifully. Remarkably, this FIAT is completely rust free! Interior is very good and there are sheep skin covers on the front seats. Wheels are rare Abarth Pirelli rims with excellent tires! Fiat is back after a 30 year hiatus but there is nothing like owning a classic one! I am very motivated and need to get this vehicle on it's way due to space constraints. NO REASONABLE CASH OFFERS WILL BE REFUSED!

While certainly unique, the Ritmo and Strada just don't have the same kind of following as the Volkswagen Golf and Rabbit of the same era. They are virtually an unknown commodity even amongst the most dedicated car enthusiasts. Therefore, the Buy It Now price of $6,000 seems a tad steep, as this isn't one of the more desirable Ritmo Abarths. While the exterior looks sharp with the Abarth wheels, the interior still is in need of some proper detailing. As is, I'd say this car might be worth $3,000 to $4,000 at the most, which is below the starting bid.


3 thoughts on “1979 Fiat Strada”

  1. The seller considers THAT interior to be in “very good condition”?!? The racing-inspired center mark at 12 o’clock on the steering wheel is a nice touch though. Makes you wonder about what this car has been through…

    Also, why is it that sellers think – hey, Fiat is trying to sell cars here again, so if I slap some new paint and some decent wheels on my 33-year-old POS Strada, it’ll be worth double the price!

    On the positive side, I’m starting to think the Strada is so homely looking, it’s actually sort of cute. It scores high for “being different” also.

  2. Hi Stefano –

    This vehicle has been sold. By clicking on the large images in the post you will be directed to the ads, which, in this case, is no longer archived.


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