1979 Fiat Brava

It’s going on almost two years since Fiat reentered the US new car market. While sales got off to a slower start than expected, there has been enough of a warm reception for the company to release a second model, the 500L, aimed at those seeking a bit larger of a package than the 500. Before Fiat left the US market in the early 1980s though, their larger offering was a bit more car like than crossover, the 131 which was later renamed the Brava. A decided square, three box design, the Brava was offered in four-door, estate and a two-door coupe variant, like the one we see here for sale in Washington state.

Year: 1979
Model: Brava
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 168,000 mi
Price: Reserve auction


Arizona garaged survivor. No hit body taken to bare metal. Base coat clear coat original color paint. Original interior in great shape. No crack dash. New headliner and sunroof. Front seats need to be reupholstered. 2 Lt engine with 1800 head. 5 Speed, power disc brakes, rack and pinion steering

Braking system
Cooper CS4 radials
Exhaust System
Wheel bearings
Front Spoiler
Momo Steering Wheel

Comes with super tuner stereo, needs speakers. Drives great, tight, smooth and peppy. I can be reached by phone for questions/additional information.


Finding a 131 or Brava in good shape these days is near impossible, as many succumb to rust and other mechanical maladies that put them out of commission. This one is a survivor, however, and is thankfully equipped with the manual gearbox to get the most out of the twin cam, four cylinder engine. The color here is also one that doesn’t seem dated. The front seats could certainly benefit from a professional retrim and the aftermarket sunroofs leaves me a bit uneasy, as they can often leak. But this is a very presentable Brava and a great classic Fiat for those not necessarily into the more popular 124 Spider or mid-engine X1-9. Given the condition and rarity, this one may push close to the $4,000 mark and is a nice jumping off point if you were feeling industrious and sought to build an 131 Abarth clone.


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