1979 Fiat 131 Brava Estate

The Fiat 131 is a rare sight on these shores nowadays, but the estate variant has reached unobtanium status. When I came across this 131 Brava estate for sale in California, my jaw dropped. Finding one that would be almost ready for the scrapyard would be hard enough, but a near mint example? With a 5-speed manual gearbox, this would make for a decidedly different way of taking on your family hauling needs.

1979 Fiat 131 Brava Estate

A rare find for the Fiat enthusiastic! 1979 Fiat 131 Brava Station Wagon, blue interior, in good running condition. Does not need automotive work. Smog check was done this year - vehicle passed. Super clean in/out. Fairly new tires. Please email me if interested/for further information.

The asking price of $5,000 is rather steep when it comes to any Fiat 131, but you would be extremely hard pressed to find one better preserved, especially a five-door variant. I'd say we're looking at $3,500 to $4,000 as a more realistic value, but it's great to see one of these 131s still hanging around, looking as if it has plenty of life left in it.


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  1. Incredible find. I absolutely love this. Very unusual and very cool (unlike how the vinyl interior will feel on a hot day). Of course, there’s minimal info in the ad. Bummer.

    Regardless, it would be hard to justify buying an overpriced cheap car and shipping it 3000 miles so it can rust away in New England.

    Once the price gets more realistic, some lucky California buyer is going to be very happy.

  2. Wow, I didn’t think there were that many left in good condition! Too bad about the automatic. And the white, of course. Although I will concede that the while over red looks pretty sharp. It does look to be very nicely maintained too (from what we can tell from the limited exterior-only photos).

    I love how “a predominant Fiat mechanic appraised the value at $7,500” and he’s selling it for $4,500. That “appraised value” is pure fiction. The asking price may not be that realistic either, but at least it’s closer to the ballpark.

  3. By clicking the large picture in these posts, you will be taken to the original ad for the vehicle, which, in this case is no longer active.



  4. I now own this car, yes this very car, bought it last night.

    I loved these since I drove a 1978 131 Wagon, bright orange, my dad’s car, to 175,000 with no engine work all over LA and outlying areas. Broke down only once with a bad fuel pump.

    I have looked for YEARS for a replacement. The Brava model were a step up, with a full 2 liter engine and more plush interior, but close enough to my old one to enjoy the nostalgia value.

    This car has kicked around awhile, I made a deal with the owner (heck of a nice guy) and the car is in my garage. Paint is a really nice blue, interior not bad at all, and the 5 speed just seems alot more clicky and precise than my old one.

    So consider this one “no longer for sale”, it’s at my house, snuggled right up to my 128SL, so for me, a darn good day!

  5. Congratulations, Tom!!

    As I stated in my first comment above, this car seems like an incredible find!

    Hopefully you were able to bargain the price down a bit from the $5K asking of a year ago…

    Enjoy driving it!

  6. Tom,

    Thanks for checking in. Great story, we appreciate it when readers check in and let us know if they’ve purchased a car we featured.



  7. I had a metallic blue 131 Mirafiori wagon exactly like this one in 1978. It was a great driver, and I have looked for another since. About 4-years ago there was a very good 1976 131, manual 5-speed sedan, in Pennsylvania, with less than 50K miles, which went for $4100USD. If I hadn’t recently bought a new car, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. 131 Brava sedans are more common than the estate wagon. Nowadays, the Fiat 124 Spider convertible is the only older Fiat to be found in larger quantities.

  8. Gary,

    Don’t forget that X1/9s can be found, especially in California, in decent shape and in fair numbers, some at bargain prices if you want a project.

    Also, 850 Spiders, if you want a more sport ride, are available as well.

  9. Tom,

    I realize that there are X1-9s but they are somewhat awkward to work on, and I like to have a back seat to carry stuff around with me. Besides the 131 wagon, in the last 30-years I’ve also owned two 128 Estate wagons, and four 124 Sport Coupes (two 1972s, a 1973, and a 1974). However, the 131 Mirafiori was my favorite. I generally look on Ebay Motors for any hope of finding one… but with each year that passes, it becomes less likely that I will locate one that I can afford or want. Such is life. If you ever decide to sell your Brava wagon, let me know. Considering the rarity of this model (with a standard trans), $5000 was a fair price (IMHO). Since I don’t live in California, the emissions system (air pump) would be the first thing I would remove and plug-up.

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