1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Instead of locking them away in a museum or private collection, vintage racing is a popular way to combine your enthusiasm for classic cars while enjoying them as they were meant to be. It also gives the general public an idea of what these cars looked like in action when they were new. The Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT is a popular car for amateur competition, thanks in part to their stout engines and superbly balanced chassis. This particular GT for sale in Richmond, Virginia has been set up to resemble rally cars from the period and has had a slew of appealing modifications carried out.

1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

I am relisting this car as the buyer sent a deposit but did not complete the transaction nor did he respond to my emails. Had he responded with a legitimate reason, I would have refunded the deposit. But anyway, I am in a serious bind for space so I must sell by beloved Alfetta GT coupe. It has a fresh 2 liter Twin Spark engine equipted with Columbo e Barianni cams, new piston and liner set, EB Spares headers, Jim Steck 8 wire distributor and 45 mm Webers....all new within the last 36 months. It has only been driven on nice weekends since. The chassis is rust free havin been garaged its entire life. For you guys that know Alfas, I have included pics of all the usual rust spots. The suspension has IAP rear springs, Spax shocks, GTV6 front torsion bars and the bushings have been renewed with Delron where possible. It was fitted years ago with a Shankle shift kit. The car is lowered about 1" in the back and 2" in the front. The brakes were rebuilt about 18 months ago including new brake hoses and a new clutch assembly was fitted. The wheels are period correct 7X15 Ronals as was fitted to Alfa's rally cars of the period and consistent with this car's rally motif. It has a stainless Euro rear bumper and I have the front Euro bumper if the buyer prefers it to the lights.

Please note that it has not been adapted to the US spec front mounts but it goes with the car. The car was painted 2 years ago and the paint is in very good order and shows very well. At that time the large USA spec side markers were replaced with Euro units. The car was a 1st place winner in the only show it's been in. The interior has new new grey carpet and new after market seats in black with red stitching with the doors upholstered to match. The sunroof doesn't leak and the mechanism is in good order. Its a 35 year old Alfa so its got a few niggles: the right turn signal is not working, there are cracks in the dash, the drivers door doesn't lock with the key and there may be a few other minor issues I've forgotten. Having said that, all the big money has been spent on this car and what it needs are easy fixes. Its a strong runner,a ton of fun to drive and cruises effortlessly at all legal speeds. I truly hate to part with it but I must. I have some travel over the next few days so if you have questions, please be patient and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your interest.

The driving lights, bumper deletion and black chin spoiler give this GTV an aggressive stance. Normally, modified Alfettas are not my favorite, but this one, with its lack of rust, Twin Spark engine and tasteful upgrades ticks all the right boxes. It’s a shame the owner had to relist this car due to an uninterested party, as this is a vintage Alfa that could be enjoyed both on the road and in competition and deserves its due respect. For the work that has been done to it, not to mention the condition, this is an economical way to sample the Italian classic car experience.


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