1977 Lancia Scorpion

The Beta was an unfortunate footnote in the history of Lancia. It is forever known as one of the most rust prone vehicles in history. The Beta was also the first Lancia to be launched under Fiat ownership and spawned one of the more interesting cars from the 1970s, the mid-engined Scorpion, or, Montecarlo, as it was known outside of the US market. This car served as the basis for the Group B 037 rally car and was also raced in the FIA World Championship for Makers, winning the title in 1980 and 1981. This particular Scorpion is one of the few that made it stateside and while not original, has been kept up rather well and wears a striking combination of pastel blue over red.

1977 Lancia Scorpion

The Lancia Scorpion was not only raved about in its overall performance and handling, but was a tribute to racing on the track with the mid engine italian design and high output 4cylinder engines. We would rate this Lancia Scorpion as a driver with investment potential based on the mechanical restoration that recently took place and the rarity of the vehicle. The blue repaint is in good condition but does show signs of overspray and runs in hard to see areas. The tires are in good condition as are the rims and wheel wells. The trim and badging are in good condition and the weather stripping looks ok. The cloth top and windows are in good condition.

The red interior is in decent shape. The seats, dash and carpet have been recently repainted and look good. The dash is free of cracks or bubbling and gauges seem to be in good working condition. The 1.8 liter 4cyl motor is in good condition and doesn’t smoke or knock when started. The 5 speed transmission shifts well and the clutch feels like it has plenty of life left. The brakes and suspension handle the sports car very well making it a blast to drive. Don’t miss out on this rare low production vehicle. There are few in existence and even fewer in this condition.

The auction is no reserve and if I had to guess, this car will probably sell anywhere in the $4,000 to $5,000 range. A car like this is certainly a conversation piece and will make others think you are driving a much more expensive exotic, given the relative obscurity of the marque here in the US.


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    The auction on this Lancia has ended and is no longer archived on eBay. These vehicles are not our own cars, rather, we post ads from third party individuals.



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