1977 Lancia Autobianchi A112 Abarth

While the Volkswagen GTi is generally credited with starting the "hot hatch" phenomena of the 1980s, the reality is that long before Volkswagen even started to move towards watercooled, front engined cars there were others that embodied the blueprint of the GTi; lightweight, hunkered down, bigger wheels and more power hatches. Of particular note was one small car produced by the Fiat group - the Autobianchi A112. Turned up a notch by the gurus at Abarth, the A112 Abarth was fitted with a higher output 1.0 inline-4, some neat looking alloys and if you bought a later example, you even got a 5-speed manual transmission. Today there's a nicer example that's lived a traveled life but is now available in the U.S. for sale:

Year: 1977
Model: A112
Engine: 1.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 58,566 mi
Price: $17,000

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This is one of the 15 A112 Abarths imported to Norway. I have had this car since 1986, has done 58,566 since new (1977). it has never seen mechanic in its life
in 1991 I changed the air intake to K&N, in 1997 I had painted the car ( Original paint from Lancia / Fiat ) in UK, in 1999 just before I brought it to US I changed the clutch and exhaust ( all Abarth parts )
since I brought it to US I have done about 800 mile with it, it is regestered in NJ, USA since 2003.
Please if you have any questions you can contact me on +1 914 450 2353


- Original front seats
- Original Air intakes
- Original front bumper
- 4, 14" Mini lights wheels from UK about 8 years ago
- Extra side mirror
- New Strut bar from Italia

The naming on these cars is interesting; in some markets they were sold under the Autobianchi name, others utilized Fiat naming and finally some markets got Lancia names. This car looks to be reasonably presented, though there is some rusting that appears in areas and probably needs attention sooner rather than later. The seats also look quite out of place, though the ad states that the original seats are included. On our sister site German Cars For Sale Blog, we've watched quite recently as original examples of the U.S. spec GTi have pushed into the high teens - coincidentally, the asking price of this car, too. Taking into account the rarity of this car, the price could be in line with the top of the market; but I'd be worried longer term about what aspects of the rust need attention and a careful PPI would be in order before forking over $17,000 for this hot Italian hatch.