1976 Lamborghini Uracco

One aspect that separates Ferraris from Lamborghinis is that under the $50,000 mark, there isn't much choice amongst the cars with the Raging Bull on the bonnet. About the most affordable Lamborghinis to be had are the V12 powered Espadas and this car, the mid-engined V8 Urraco. Oftentimes, these aren't the most mint condition examples, either. But here we have a Uracco on offer in Ohio for just under $60,000. It looks rather fresh thanks to recent paintwork and an engine service.

1976 Lamborghini Urraco 300

1976 Lamborghini Urraco. Arnacio (Orange) with very original Black and Beige Interior, Original Weber Carbureted V-8 and 5 Speed Transmission. Original Wheels with Proper Michelin XWX Radials. Recent Restoration included paint, detail, and full engine-out service. Just in from long ownership by fussy older gentleman and long time collector.

These Lamborghinis of the 1970s aren't for everyone, as the federalized bumpers and the slatted rear window date the car. But I always believed Italian supercars look great in loud, primary colors. This Urraco is no different. With under 1,000 built, it matches the rarity of certain cars twice its price, so you certainly won't see yourself coming and going in this.