1976 Fiat 126P

Following up the act that was the original Fiat 500 was never going to be an easy task. Using the same rear-engined mechanicals wrapped in a new body shell, the 126 brought supermini styling more in line with the rest of Fiat's lineup at the time. One year after its introduction in 1972, Fiat licensed the 126 to be built in Poland by FSM. The car was dubbed the 126P to differentiate it from the Italian built 126 and was the first vehicle available on a mass scale in the Polish People's Republic. Like the Trabant in East Germany, some customers waited years before taking delivery. This 126P for sale in New York represents a rare chance to procure and Italian supermini with Eastern European ties.

1976 Fiat 126P

1976 Fiat 126P Ginster Yellow (factory Fiat color) with black interior, 42,138 original kilometers (26,336 miles), 4 speed manual. Brought back to "new" condition at 36,493 kilometers in 2007 using original Fiat parts/panels and anything that was needed. This car was built as an art project personally by Wlodek Pawluczuk (5 time Polish rally champion). It is period correct with all original tasteful details available on the 126 line such as roof antenna, rear fog and reverse light, all chrome exterior pieces, pop out rear windows, factory wide wheels, left and right mirrors, mud flaps, factory seat belts, H4 headlights with city/parking lights, tinted windshield and original radio.

If one wanted a new Fiat 126p had unlimited resources and the knowledgeable expert to make it happen this would be the result. Every component that could be replaced was - both mechanical and cosmetic. Upgraded with a momo corse steering wheel (original will be included along with a collection of miscelanious spare parts). It performs as new - can be driven daily anywhere. I am the third owner of the car since new and second owner in the US. Spare tire, jack, original tool kit and owners manual present and excellent. I have over 40 high resolution photographs including detailed undercarriage shots. It recently won the chairman's choice award at the 40th Annual Polish Herritage Festival. The condition and history surrounding this 126 make it the only one of its kind in the States. The finest Fiat 126 in the U.S. and one of the best 1976's in the world.

Clean Fiat 500 Cinquecentos are bringing between $10,000 to $15,000 these days. The 126 is a relatively unknown commodity on US shores, so it's uncertain whether this 126, essentially a more modern looking 500, will bring the same kind of money. Essentially a restored machine, this 126 is impressive, but the best 126s can be had for under $5,000 all over Europe. While the bidding is strong, we're looking at serious money for some Communist nostalgia.


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  1. My name Kris Marecki, I am Polish Fiat collector. Looking for contact (e-mail) to the current owner of this yellow 126p, to help him keep the car in perfect condition and exchange difficult repairs experiences.
    This little car is absolutely unique in USA!

    B.R., Eng. Kris Marecki PL/EU.
    My contact: marzec626@wp.pl

  2. Kris,

    The vehicles we featured on CICFS are not our own, rather, we post cars from third party sellers. By clicking the link above the main picture in this post, you will be brought to the archived auction page where you can contact the seller directly.

    Thanks for reading,


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