1975 Lancia Fulvia Safari

The Lancia Fulvia was the car that began the legendary run of rallying victories for Lancia. A rather unassuming, front-drive coupe, this little beast was a formidable adversary on the World Rally circuit and won the 1972 Championship for the manufacturer. A number of different varieties of Fulvias were made over a thirteen year time span. The Safari was a limited edition of the Series 3 Fulvia that was sans bumpers and included special trim and badging. A model that was meant to evoke the competition Fulvias, it cut a menacing and purposeful look. This Fulvia for sale in Germany is one of 900 of that limited run of Safaris.

1975 Lancia Fulvia Safari

Lancia Fulvia Safari, model 1975, original 47,000 km and rust free everywhere, one of only 900 cars build, the cars have an output of 90hp.

Fulvias can still be had for relatively reasonable amounts of money, with well kept Series 3 models bringing in between $15,000 to $25,000 on average. Given this is a limited edition and a low mileage, original example, I'd suspect we might be somewhere around the $25,000 to $30,000 USD equivalent. Even if I couldn't have a Safari, it makes me want to own a Fulvia someday. I'd have the bumpers off, get a nice Heuer stopwatch for the dashboard and do my best impersonation of Sandro Munari on the weekend.


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Dated: Jan 17 2013

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