1975 Fiat 124 Coupe

Following on to the rare Fiat 130 Coupe we featured a few days ago, here's another Fiat Coupe from the 1970s: the 124 Coupe. This 124 Coupe is the final "CC" iteration, with 1975 representing the final year of this compact coupe. It's open roofed sibling, the 124 Spider, would live on to see another decade. While 124 Spiders are rather plentiful, this 124 Coupe for sale in Portland offers the collector a rare chance to get one of these in complete, if not perfect, shape.

Year: 1975
Model: 124 Coupe
Engine: 2.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 52,943 miles
Price: Reserve auction

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Hello, and welcome to my eBay auction. Before I start I want to apologize to those of you out there that know far more than I do about the history and details and facts about these cars. I am a fan of them and a “car guy”, but I just have never had the pleasure of even seeing one of these cars let alone owning one. This is my first drive down 124 coupe laneJ

This car is a 1975 Fiat 124 Coupe with a 5 Speed. The third generation of Fiat coupes of the 60s and early 70s. This little car had an engine upgrade from an 1800cc to a 2000cc or 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine. It runs and drives better than I ever thought possible. Fast, fun, nimble, agile. It is a total blast and I am surprised by how much I like driving it. Old cars can be a bit of a love hate affair and so far this one is all love. Here is what I love about the car.

#1. Everything works. The blinkers, the wipers, the gas gage, all the gages as a matter of fact, the headlights and brights! The best part is the horn. Full Italian twin bugle style. I honk it constantly. Just to wave at gawkers.

#2. The engine and mechanics. No smoke, no drips, no overheating, no drama. Good clutch and brakes. Matching Michelin tires too with lots of tread. Lots of power and vintage pipe sound for days..

#3. The look. I call this inexpensive exclusivity. Nobody has one of these cars anymore. They just do not exist in my town anyway. Portland is a town that prides itself in being different and nobody has one of these cars that I have seen. It is also very stock looking. Right down to the Italian Speedline wheels and tool kit.

Here is what I don’t love about the car.

#1 The Paint. It is a 10 footer. If you look close up you will see that the color is a bit faded and there are spots of touch up and overspray. But yes this also shows care.

#2 The Interior. Again, not horrible. But not fantastic either. The seam on the passenger cushion is coming apart and the seats are brighter than the door panels. The carpet looks good and the floor pans are solid.

#3 There are traces of rust here and there on the car. I would not call the car a rust bucket or anything and again the floors are solid, but when the car is repainted there will need to be some repairs made to put a stop to it.

That is about all I can tell you. I am happy to answer any and all questions you have as well. Please understand that this car is almost 40 years old. It is fun and cool and even economical, but it is not going to replace your Accord as your only mode of transport. I am setting the reserve very low and I know the Fiat will sell as long as we all play by the rules.

#1. Only bid if you have intentions to buy.

#2. Ask any and all questions before bidding.

#3. Please contact me BEFORE BIDDING if you have zero or negative feedback.

Just be real and genuine and I will make sure that the winning bidder is happy with his or her purchase. I have 100% positive feedback and I plan on keeping that. Also, I will end the sale for the right offer so don’t wait till the last second and worry about missing out. Just call me and we will work out a fair price. I’m Justin my Phone number is 503-969-5127. I am available most of the time and love to talk about the Fiat. Thanks again for looking and Happy Bidding!!

Last month, we featured a 1970 "BC" 124 Coupe that sold for $8,900. That car was in a bit better shape than this CC 124 Coupe, and benefitted by having a cleaner look without the heavier bumpers and fussier grille of this model. Still, this is a neat piece and I wouldn't be surprised if it brought between $5,000 to $7,000 to the right buyer.


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  1. Tamer,

    By clicking the link next to “Click Here For Details,” you’ll see that the auction for this vehicle has ended and is no longer for sale. Thanks for reading.


  2. i had a ’73 in ’76. Beige 124 coupe with a/c. Enjoyed the heck out of it and drove it up and down the East Coast a number of times. It didnt blow up! I also owned a ’78 Spider…..my observation is that the Coupe seemed ‘tinnier’ than the Spider. But I have to say I still like the lines of the Coupe.

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