1975 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

The 2000 was the final evolution of the famed GTV coupe. Introduced in 1971, the twin cam four cylinder engine produced 130 horsepower and came equipped with SPICA fuel injection in the US and Canada. This fuel injection system made a name for itself for being rather unreliable. Other markets were fortunate in that carburetors were the fuel delivery system of choice and with them came a higher horsepower figure of 150. This GTV 2000 is one of those carbureted cars, coming from Europe with a rare factory sunroof.

1975 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

1975 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Euro. This is the very rare 1975 production year Euro Bertone designed GTV 2000, VIN # AR105300004710, with the Alfa factory Dellorto twin carbs, (NOT the troublesome U.S. Spica F.I.), finished in the rare European Champagne color with black vinyl interior; this color was not available to the U.S. market. The paint is mostly original, and near perfect, and is best described as "bronze," and all glass was taken out during a factory color respray. This rare GTV also has the rare manual sliding factory sunroof, not available to the U.S. Market.

These GTVs were not imported to the US market after 1974. European GTV’s are faster, handle and look better then the U.S. GTV 2000’s. They weigh about 145 lb’s lighter then the U.S. GTV versions. You can feel the difference at speed. This rare original unmolested GTV is owned by a career Military Officer and Classic car collector, who recently brought it back from Europe. It is rust free, with exception of two spots on the roof, which could be easily re-painted.

The interior is very good with original glass all around. The body is near perfect, with NO door dings (see photos) and all the gaps are true and straight, with no past accident damage. This GTV is totally original and unmolested! It has the original wheels, with GTV stainless steel caps, which have just been newly powder-coated. It drives beautifully, tight, no squeaks, and stiff suspension. It has a clear title and a matching numbers with the ORIGINAL engine, 143 K original Kilometers-NOT miles!

Attached pictures are included of the shock towers, front and rear floor pans-both sides, arches, all 4 jack points, and door jambs which show no rust. Gaps are straight and true, both doors open/close and lock easily, and the steering wheel is the original factory Alfa Romeo "Personal" wheel. The GTV has just been serviced (this week-8 July 2012) with new fluids, including oil filter, lubed, and a minor tune-up performed: four new platinum plugs and NEW plug wires were installed. It also has a brand new German Bosch 12 volt battery. Tires are all-matching German-made Uni-Royal Rallye 195/70 R 14’s with about 70% tread left. The rare factory sliding manual roof is easy and fast to use, with ease of operation!

The Radio is the Euro Phillips radio, but I have never used it, preferring the music of the 2 liter carbureted engine. An Alfa radio Plate should replace it. The original dash is perfect. The door handles work easily with no internal cracks (a common GTV curse that are expensive to replace). All lights work, horn, turn signals, brake lights, E. flasher, heater, fan, windshield wipers, dash gauges, and rear window heater all work properly. The engine is very good, no oil leaks, excellent compression, no smoke, very high oil pressure (see pictures of gauges at speed of 70 MPH), excellent clutch (no slippage), superior perfect 5 speed transmission with no slippage, grinding, or noise. or popping out of gear and 1st to 2nd is smooth!

All gauges work properly, and please note this model has the rare under dash factory installed Clock and factory installed Ammeter (see pics). Also note, since it is a "Euro GTV" it does NOT have the ugly side markers. Also please note that all gauges are Euro, and the speedometer is in Kilometers. This GTV is a wonderful original driver’s car. Superb, very Fast and sunny with the manual sliding sunroof, dependable, performance oriented, and "1 of a kind!" You will never find another.

As the seller, VERY regretfully, I am selling this very rare GTV due to my wife’s illness. I will request from buyer a "buy back option," at a later date, should buyer decide to resell this rare GTV in the future (if agreeable). There is probably no other original European GTV 2000 like this one available in the U.S.! I would like to own it again.

After reading the story of this car, I can't help but have a heavy heart. We all go through difficult times in our lives and I hope the seller's wife makes a speedy recovery. This sale also goes to show that certain cars have a lot of meaning, which is evidenced by the fact the owner seeks to buy it back someday if the new owner ever decides to sell it. These days, GTV 2000s average around $22,000 to $27,000. The best examples can reach into the $30,000 range, and you can find tired runners between $10,000 and $15,000. If I had to peg a value on this one, it would probably be right around $25,000, as the sunroof and European trim make this an especially desirable GTV.


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