1974 Fiat 130 Coupe

Large Fiat saloons and coupes, much like their French counterparts, have always been the vehicle of choice for people who march to the beat of a different drummer. The Fiat 130 sedan and coupe were never sold new in the US, so this is a car which is rather obscure outside enthusiast groups stateside. Nevertheless, this is an important car in Fiat history and a rather rare one at that.

The 130 coupe featured a 3.2 liter, 60 degree V6 engine designed by famed Ferrari engineer Aurelio Lampredi. Many of the coupes, like our feature vehicle, came equipped with a Borg-Warner 3 speed automatic transmission. Features such as four wheel disc brakes, four wheel independent suspension and an alternator set the tone for future Fiats to come. The number of roadworthy 130 Coupes has certainly dwindled over the years, while mint condition examples are a rare find indeed. This particular two owner car for sale in The Netherlands is a mint example of Fiat's attempt at a personal luxury coupe for the 1970s.

1974 Fiat 130 Coupe

Fiat 130 Coupe, two owners with only 146,000 km (~ 90,720 mi) from new. Swiss approval only (no tax & duty). The body is very solid, no rust and the underneath is very clean. The car drives perfectly. 20 km (12 mi) from the German border.

The asking price for this 130 coupe equates to about $16,850 USD given current exchange rates. That is a princely sum for an almost 38 year old Fiat. However, with 4,294 ever built and fewer still which have survived, this is a personal luxury coupe that can match many Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis in rarity. The 130 coupe looks amazingly modern in comparison to its sedan counterpart and exudes the tailored look we've come to expect from Pininfarina.


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