1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal

As costly and as risky a business proposition as they may seem at the time of development, halo cars have a way of building up a brand and creating a mystique that often trickles down to other products in the range. Alfa Romeo hasn't been one of those cars in need of such a thing, as most of their cars over the years have been impressive in their own right. Still, this hasn't stopped them from trying. We all are familiar with the recent 8C Competizione, that shares a lot of Ferrari DNA but relies on carbon fiber intensive construction. Back in the 1970s, their flagship was the Montreal, which had a 2.5 liter, dry sump, fuel injected V8 derived from the 33 Stradale. With a body by Bertone, this car was instantly recognizable with features like the cabin vents on the C pillar and partially covered head lamps. This Montreal for sale in The Netherlands is in an uncommon shade of Metallic Gold that is rather correct for the period.

1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal

I would never dare giving a car I own a "pristine" qualification, but accoording to the experts "exeptional" is appropriate! So inquire, visit and see for yourself! In 2004 the Spica fuel injection pump has been restored to an "as new" condition by Wes Ingram (USA). Since the car is in my possession (2003) all maintenance has been performed by Alfa specialist Berfelo Italian Car Service Dutch "APK" (road safety / MOT) until 17 September 2014.

Sale includes a brand new set (of four) 7Jx15 (for -not included- 205/60 tyres) forged aluminium wheels specially made by Compomotive UK for Group4Wheels.

At about $50,000 USD, this Montreal is near the top of the range of what these exotics are bringing these days. It is still common to find good examples in the high $30,000 to mid $40,000 range. These coupes are revered by Alfisti today, even with their foibles like the SPICA fuel injection system, which has been sorted in this car. Like the Maserati Mexico featured on Saturday, this car is an ideal choice for those seeking to take the road less traveled when it comes to Italian exotica.