1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV

Individual tastes aside, the 1970s was a great time for exploration in vehicle color. When you go to purchase a new car these days, you'd be lucky if you get a choice outside of your basic black, silver, gray and white. This Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV for sale in California, then, is a breath of fresh air in Giallo Orca, accentuating the handsome Bertone-penned lines nicely. This particular car underwent a restoration five years ago and is ready to show and enjoy.

Year: 1974
Model: 2000 GTV
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 55,000 mi
Price: No reserve auction

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1974 Alfa GTV 2000 - GT Veloce - Restored & Beautiful. Here it is - one of Alfa Romeo's most beautiful cars - now appreciating rapidly and becoming collectors pieces.

The car has 55,000 miles and was professionally restored ~5 years ago. Rare Giallo Ocra (italian for "yellow-orange") over black leather interior. The paint is absolutely gorgeous and the interior is in amazing condition as well. Zero rust (see pics). Runs great with lots of power and recently had the SPICA professionally tuned. Original California Blue Plate. Awesome Campagnolo Chromodora wheels showing a nice patina. Beautiful original wooden steering wheel stamped "Alfa-Romeo."

This is an amazing drivers car, and these GTV's are known for their extraordinary handling and canyon carving. This is an original California car and all the hard stuff has already been done but here are some small things the car could use:

It has an oil leak (all 1970's Italian cars do)

The second gear grinds if you shift it at a high RPM (again a very, very common Alfa problem) - I drive with it like this and simply double-clutch going into second gear and it goes very smoothly. If this bothers you, for an extra $200 (!), I have a fresh transmission you can have with the car to fix this.

The tach bounces (see video) - I have an extra complete 1974 GTV gauge cluster that goes with the car to take care of this!

Turn signals work intermittently - I have 2GB of 1974 Alfa GTV wiring diagrams and service manuals you can have

This car was stolen in the 1980's and issued a salvage title- a time when their value was low enough that it was easier for insurance companies to simply consider them a loss than to source the expensive Italian parts. The photos speak for themselves and there are no visible signs of damage; additionally, I have gone over the entire car with a digital paint thickness gauge.

Spare parts that come with the car:
Alfa GTV transmission ($200 extra)
Original spare (plus the full size in the trunk)
Complete spare gauge cluster from a 1974 GTV
A box of extra interior parts/brackets.
4 original wheel center caps (chrome sombreros as they're called)
Alfa GTV service manuals and diagrams
any other parts I can find!

Legal stuff-
Deposit of $2000 due within 24hrs of auctions end. Full payment due within 7 days. Buyer to arrange pickup/shipping within 2 weeks of auction end (I can help coordinate). The car is 40 years old and is sold as-is with no warranty, express, written, or implied. Through photos and words, I have done my best to disclose all faults to the Buyer and by bidding, Buyer acknowledges it is his responsibility to have inspected the car and satisfied himself fully as to its condition. That being said it's an awesome car and a very righteous example of the legendary Alfa GTV!

Just imagine having this Italian beauty tucked in your garage

On offer at no reserve, I would suspect this GTV will fetch somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000, given the current market. There are a few issues with this car, but none that would seriously deter an enthusiast from staying away. These are very rewarding cars to own and drive and are a great entry point into the world of (somewhat) affordable Italian classics.