1973 Lamborghini Jarama 400GTS

Lamborghinis have a reputation for being brash; over the top some may say. But the company that builds these exotic, high-end sport cars started out in the 1960s with a goal to create a more refined car than Ferrari. The Jarama came along in 1970 and was built on a shortened Espada chassis. Not many of these coupes were manufactured. Only 328 emerged from the factory over a six year span. Not your typical car you'd find in Wisconsin, this bright orange GTS version we see here has the higher horsepower 4.0 liter V12 engine with 350 horsepower.

1973 Lamborghini Jarama 400GTS

This stunning 1973 Lamborghini Jarama GTS (also known as Jarama S and 400 GTS) is 1 of only 152 GTS models produced between 1973 and 1976 which features many desirable improvements over the previous Jarama GT model, including an exterior makeover, a completely restyled interior, cooling improvements, and a more powerful version of the legendary 4-cam V12 engine delivering 365 horsepower. With only 8,797 miles, this is likely not only the lowest mileage example in existence, but also likely the most pristine cosmetically in existence. This Jarama GTS is well known among the Lamborghini community and has been featured in the book The Complete Book of Lamborghini by Pete Lyons. Below is a detailed description illustrating how pristine this Jarama GTS is in all aspects:

Exterior: The body has been subjected to a comprehensive and top-quality color change from silver to stunning Arancio (a period-correct orange) where the engine, glass, and interior were removed during the process. As of this time, the paint and exterior trim remain in pristine condition as it they have been carefully preserved and there is no rust. The original Campagnolo magnesium wheels are also pristine and feature correct decals.

Interior: The carpet and seats have been changed from tan to black utilizing the finest quality of leather and carpet, all of which is in pristine condition. The interior features the original factory Phillips am/fm cassette stereo mounted overhead between the sun visors as well as air conditioning and power windows. All of the instrumentation, seatbelts, switchgear, interior trim, dash and headliner are in the pristine cosmetic condition and visual appeal you would expect of a carefully loved 8,797 mile Lamborghini.

Engine: The engine received a full service this spring due having been used so little, which included the timing chains being re-tensioned, camshafts timed, valves adjusted, distributors rebuilt, ignition timed, belts/filters/fluids/plugs changed, and carburetors completely rebuilt by GT Motorsports. The engine idles exceptionally steady and pulls aggressively and smoothly throughout the entire RPM range during acceleration. The transmission is very tight and shifts smoothly into all gears. Noted Lamborghini specialist George Evans of Evans Automotive overhauled the braking and system over the past winter months. The next owner of this car should have peace of mind not having to incur the expense and time that is usually associated with revitalizing an ultra-low mileage Lamborghini as so much has been completed recently.

Summary: This 1973 Lamborghini Jarama GTS is the ideal example for the Lamborghini enthusiast who demands the best and understands the it is financially prudent to purchase a vintage Lamborghini that is in top-condition as one can spend two to threee times the purchase price of a “driver” or “project car” to bring it up to the standard this example is in, yet still have a high mileage car. This Lamborghini should easily pass any rational pre-purchase inspection with flying colors. Please note that the following items are included:

3-ring binder containing service paperwork
Clear Wisconsin title that is free of liens
Full-size Campagnolo spare wheel and tire
Original jack and tool kits
Owner’s manual
Two sets of keys

This car appears to be the same Jarama that came up for sale in Arizona last December for $79,000. One year later, we're at $84,950. Not a terrible increase in one year, but I'm not sure that this would be the kind of market where you could flip an obscure sports car like this in one year and make $5,000. I still love this car, though. The color just draws me in and the black leather interior peppered with the little bit of wood on the steering wheel and shift knob has the aura of a gentleman's lounge.