1973 Fiat 130 Coupe

The last Fiat 130 Coupethat we featured here at CICFS had been advertised on multiple occasions and found no buyers at $41,900. A princely sum to pay for an almost 40 year old Fiat that is not a Dino. Coincidentally, another 130 Coupe has surfaced for sale in Florida, this time with the rare 5-speed manual gearbox. The blue over tan color combination fits the sharp lines of this luxury coupe from the seventies quite well.

1973 Fiat 130 Coupe

Up for sale this rare find, this is a 1973 Fiat Pininfarina 130 Coupe. Upon research we have found that the Fiat 130 Coupe was never sold new in the United States, and very few that reside stateside. It is a shame this car lives in relative obscurity, as it was an award winning design with a 3.2 liter V6 developed by Ferrari engineer Aurelio Lampredi. Most 130 coupes featured a Borg-Warner 3 speed automatic, but this one is a 5-speed manual was available, current owner owns both auto and this fabulous 5-speed. Four-wheel disc brakes and four wheel independent suspension rounded out the package. This example for sale in our showroom located in Miami and is finished in blue with cream leather interior that is nothin short of like new condition, if you collect rare European cars this is a must and a quite a popular look for the 1970s.

While the asking price is lower than the previous 130 Coupe we featured, over $35,000 is still too high for this car. While the mileage is reasonable and condition is good, the market for big, classic Fiats is not currently this strong in Europe. Here in the US, the 130 doesn’t have a strong following as they were never sold here new. The 5-speed gearbox certainly makes this cruiser more desirable for some, but even still, we’re probably looking at a $20,000 to $25,000 car at most, considering what these cars are selling for in good condition in Europe. I’ve always been a fan of these 130 Coupes and if I was going to buy one, this one with the manual gearbox is as good as any.


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