1972 Fiat 124 Spider

For those on a budget, the Fiat 124 Spider makes a great introductory vehicle into the world of classic Italian car ownership. With a production run spanning several decades, examples of all vintages are readily available here in the US, ranging from the most pristine concours examples to those needed a good amount of work for the more intrepid of enthusiasts. This 124 Spider for sale in Florida does a good job of splitting the middle, being a driver quality car in good condition in an eye catching shade of blue.

Year: 1972
Model: 124 Spider
Engine: 1.5 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 79,000 miles
Price: $8,500 Buy It Now

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For sale is my private car that I use very offen, it is titled and registered in Miami, Florida. Mechanically very good, engine very strong, drives very, super good. It feels as when it was new, this is one of the best Fiats I have ever owned, it rides so tight it is unbelievable. You may be able to purchase a similar Fiat to restore for $4,000 or $5,000 but must expend couples thousand more I doubt it if will run like this one.

It can be drive anywhere, anytime, unfortunately I need to sell most of my collection because I need the space and the money. Please ask me anything you need to know, come and see it if possible. You will not be disappointed by this car, very hard to find condition and this color belongs to this car. Also hard to see, you can call me any time or day at 305-401-7469. My name is Vladimir. There is not any issue with this car, no rust, very clean, take a look at the pictures, there is a small scrach at the top rear passanger fender. Pictures talk by themselves, all gauges work, horn, shifting is good. Beleive me this is not for a museum or councours but as I said it rides very tight, smooth. Good luck.

I’ve never seen one with them mounted, but the Lancia Beta style alloy wheels work rather well on this Spider, complimented by the slimmer chrome bumpers that the earlier models carried. For the condition of the vehicle, the asking price isn’t too far off the mark in terms of what these cars are fetching nowadays. As long as major rust issues aren’t lurking underneath, this looks to be an honest little roadster that you wouldn’t be afraid to use on a regular basis.


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  2. I am interested in the car, I have to check the shipping cost for Europe, Croatia.costs would be your last price, cash on hand? I have some friends in California that would solve everything needed to deliver .Tanks and Greetings from sunny Croatian, Ranko

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