1972 Fiat 124 Sedan

If you count all the variations of the Fiat 124 that were ever produced, including all the licensed vehicles such as Ladas, Seats, Murats and the like, the production total comes to over 20 million vehicles. So how come we don't see any of these on US roads today? Well, rust proofing wasn't what it once was, and since these were sold here early in the production run under the Fiat badge, it's not hard to guess why they are scarce. This 124 Sedan for sale in Southern California is a pretty honest example of a car that went on to become a ubiquitous mode of transportation in emerging markets.

1972 Fiat 124 Sedan

Have you ever been so smitted by a car that you fell in love? That is the type of feeling you can get from a clean vintage car. This little gem has been lovingly cared for by a gentleman known in collector circuits as a lover of fine Italian cars. Generations of people in many countries grew up with this car or similar cars with different names like the Russian Lada or Zhuguli. In fact, many folks first learned how to drive in or had a very successful date with a young lady in one. The Italians know what I am talking about.

The reaction drawn from vintage Fiats is something that has to be experienced. People of all walks of life seem drawn to them from children and old folks as well as young ladies. Great beach cruiser. These cars are very rare these days, in fact almost impossible to find in an automatic. This example has been cared for by the same collector for over 10 years. The previous owner before was a certified and well known car mechanic. He has more than a dozen cars and drives this one in Beverly Hills, California almost daily.

The current owner is only selling because he is making some room for some more cars. This one has had all of the maintenance done including new head gasket and full brake job. Decent tires and a very clean original dash board. The seats could use some redoing but he decided to leave them as they were because they are not terrible, just a little ripped in places. She has chrome European bumpers and everything is in working order with current registration and a clean title. The VIN number is 124A1129029. For more information or to make an offer please contact Jeff at 949-910-1206.

We feature a lot of flashy sports cars and sumptuous luxury sedans here at CICFS, but it's refreshing to see an honest, vintage family sedan such as this with all its flaws readily visible. The automatic transmission might hold this car back a bit for the more sporting enthusiast, but for something different to get around town in, you couldn't go wrong with this car. Back in June 2011, one of these with a manual gearbox went unsold, not meeting its reserve at $3,800. Have these 124 Sedans appreciated much in that time? Probably not. I'd suspect somewhere around $3,000 to $3,500 would take it. Any more, and you are getting into territory where more interesting Italian iron can be had.


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  1. Is it strange that I really like these old boxy Italian sedans? Yellow isn’t my favorite shade, and bummer about the automatic, but cool nonetheless.

  2. I had the pleasure if you will of owning the final and in my opinion the finest version/evolution of the 124…a 132 Argenta…had it for 2 years in Italy and it was comfortable, quick, and for its time had all the bells & whistles..
    I like this car..brings back memories though this shade of yellow isn’t flattering

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