1972 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe

There aren't too many cars where it's considerably more common to see the convertible than the coupe; but in the case of the Fiat 124, that's exactly the case. Most of the Fiat 124s imported to the U.S. were the very popular spider variant. However, the coupe was a great looking alternative that shared the Lampredi designed 4 cylinder. If general rarity wasn't enough, today's example has been kicked up a notch. From the second run of production, this 124 Sport Coupe is an ex-racer that's been returned to road use:

Year: 1974
Model: 124 Sport Coupe
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 100,000 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction



1974 Fiat 124 Sport

All bills from our time of ownership included.

- 2 liter engine (Completely rebuilt. Bottom end (crankshaft, conrods, pistons, etc.) balanced and blueprinted by JMS Racing Engines. All reciprocating masses balanced. Block deck checked for uniformity of surface. Crankshaft main bearing journals line bored. Professionally bored and honed (40 over). New pistons (stock compression ratio (40 over)). Basically the bottom end is a thoroughly checked out and then done well stock bottom end, if the factory decided to dynamically balance all the moving parts.

- Ishihara-Johnson crankshaft scraper custom fabricated. (Significantly reduces turbulence in the crankcase. Basically gives you a few percent free horsepower by not having to carry around excess oil on your crankshaft or deal with the hurricane force winds that are created in a crankcase without a crankscraper). Highly recommend IJ crank scrapers though be prepared to spend the time test fitting and filing to ensure proper clearances because we're talking thousandths of inches here and IJ builds in a margin.

- Forged aluminum crankshaft pulley, idler shaft pulley, and water pump pulley fabricated by Miller's Mule. Miller's Mule adjustable camshaft pulleys.

- 1800 head to bump up the compression ratio to about 10 to 1 (Completely rebuilt. BIG VALVES (intake and exhaust), intake and exhaust ports port matched to intake and header. Allison's Automotive torque cams. Allison's Automotive prepared the valve train).

- Miller's Mule 9.5 lb billet aluminum flywheel w/ racing clutch and pressure plate (clutch and pressure plate from Allison's Automotive). New throwout bearing.

- Allison's Automotive tuned length, stepper header system with a completely new (not Allison's) header back exhaust system (single Magnaflow muffler).

- Weber 44 IDF carburetors.

- Aluminum Pro Cool radiator with adjustable fan control and high capacity cooling fan (Allison's Automotive).

- KYB gas shocks. Front and REAR anti-sway bars.

- Gotti forged 2 piece racing wheels 15x7. New Nexen N300 195/45 ZR 15. Two piece wheel spacers that convert the 4 lug pattern to 5 lug (very expensive to fabricate).

- EBC Yellowstuff brake pads, Front and rear. New or rebuilt brake calipers. New front drilled brake rotors. New rear rotors. New braided steel brake lines (Allison's).

- External large capacity Oil Cooler mounted in the front grill. Custom braided steel oil lines with Aeroquip aerospace fittings fitted.

- Seats upholstered in gray perforated leather and gray alcantara type suede material. Door cards are upholstered in a gray alcantara.

- 4 point roll cage.

- Gas tank flushed and resealed.

- Computronix D.I.S. 4 (distributorless ignition system) to give her some spark. Something like a consistent 50,000 + volts for your plugs.

- All bumpers and bumperettes professionally straightened and rechromed.


Hey there, these are links to the car running.

NOTE: THIS WAS A RACE CAR PRIOR TO OUR (my dad and I) REBUILDING THE CAR. THE TRANSMISSION SYNCHROS ARE WEAK. We can have Allison's Automotive rebuild the tranny synchros for a very fair price. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am currently an employee of the shop.

NOW, the paint sucks. I love the color. I wanted something very 70s to fit the era of the car so I got House of Kolor base coat, top coat, sparkles, and clear. Our painter and finishing body guy blew the deal, got arrested, etc. Car was halfway finished and with a few missing pieces (lower trunk trim piece which we never got back). Anyways, two new guys were called in to finish the paint. From certain angles it looks great. Others, no. That's OK as you probably hate the color anyways and want to change it as soon as you get it on your driveway.

Also, the car was owned and raced in SOLO by some guy that now has done some NASCAR stuff and I think his kid has raced a bit. I'll have to get his name and include it in a few. The previous owner is up in Oregon somewhere. I bought the car off of Allison's Automotive in Upland, the shop that this guy sold his car to. Being a race car, the driver side of the car has bondo, from the owner racer tagging some hay bails or something. A new quarter fender was added at some time and others had been hammered out and then smoothed over. The body is straight (now) and the frame is straight. This isn't a trailer queen and never will be. This is a USER's car.

While it's not perfect, this car tugs at my heart; I've done similar modifications to my Audi Coupe, and while it certainly compromises the quality of the car as a road car, it does make it more fun. I'd be a little concerned about the longevity of the engine turned up in this state, but the seller seems to honestly detail both the strengths and the weaknesses. I love the style, stance and coloring of this Fiat, and the fact that it's not a trailer queen makes me want it even a bit more. Hagerty places the value of these Coupes in this condition around $6,000. To me, it'd make a great alternative to the more commonly sought and much more expensive Alfa GTV. Certainly, you're not likely to see another like it soon, if ever!


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  1. There’s a small chance that I’ve driven this very car. About 25 years ago I was looking for a fun runabout for my long commute over deserted, serpentine roads in Washington State. I drove one of these that was so raw and nasty that I knew that with my 23-year-old levels of self control I’d be in jail or the morgue within six months. I obviously passed, but I’d love to have a go at this one now that I’m that much older.

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