1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona is one of the all time greats from Maranello, as evidenced by the reverence paid to it by collectors. The 365 GTB/4 Daytona we featured at the beginning of the month was a solid driver and this example for sale in California is a bit of a step above that car, albeit a restored example wearing a different hue than what it emerged with from the factory.

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 “Daytona" s/n 14155. Black with Red Leather Interior

As the last of the classic front-engined V12 flagship Ferraris, the 365GTB/4 needs little introduction. Mechanically sophisticated with its 4.4 litre quad cam V12, rear mounted 5-speed transaxle, and fully independent suspension the cars are aggressive and beautiful. Quite simply, the Daytona is one of the most evocative and collectible Ferraris ever produced, one that captures the essence of the classic Ferrari experience. This particular US-market car is in excellent condition, having been recently treated to a beautiful restoration. It is fitted with much desirable equipment, including nine-inch rear wheels, P6 cams, high compression pistons, velocity stacks, and shorter competition ratio differential (3.90:1 instead of 3.30:1). Thus, this Daytona has the fastest setup for American road use, and provides extremely quick acceleration. Originally built in February of 1971, this car was supplied to Chinetti Motors finished in red with a black interior. The car`s first owner had the car painted black in 1975, and kept the car for about ten years total, after which he traded it to Amerispec for a new Boxer. The car then passed on to another owner for a short while, before being sold on to a fellow who owned it from 1982 to 2002.

After being sold on to its fourth owner in 2002, the car was comprehensively restored at great expense, about $350,000 according to the owner`s calculations. Much of the work was done by Motion Products, and was thus completed to the highest standards. This includes the complete bare metal repaint and body repairs, suspension setup, transmission and differential restorations, and a great deal of other work. The hollow frame members were filled with a hydrophobic closed cell expanding foam to increase rigidity and prevent moisture. As to be expected of a shop of this caliber, the correct finishes were applied throughout and the car is absolutely beautiful. The engine was done by Bill Badurski employing 10.25:1 JE pistons (the standard compression ratio is 8.8:1 and competition cars were 9.3:1), and has been dynoed at 395hp at 7000rpm (the maximum speed at which the engine was run) and 341 ft-lbs of torque 5200rpm. The peak power is estimated to be over 410hp at the 8200rpm redline. A reduction gear starter, modern alternator, and crank fire ignition system were also fitted. The interior was completely and correctly done in red using Re-Originals supplied parts and materials, including their correct mouse hair dash material supplied by the original Italian manufacturer. The restoration also included the renewal of the chrome, and the replacement of all the rubber seals using the correct materials. There is a thick file of meticulously kept records outlining all of the money spent and research done on the car, which was obviously a labor of love.

As a result of the restoration, the car is cosmetically and mechanically outstanding. The repaint is a spectacular job and difficult to fault. The quality is exemplary with few surface flaws or imperfections, a particularly difficult feat given the black color. The panel gaps and fit are excellent, and the body is extremely straight. The chrome was redone as well, and is excellent. The correct side mirror is fitted and is in very good condition, and the remaining chrome is even nicer, having just been refinished. The wheels have been restored and the glass is excellent, save for some very light road rash on the windscreen. The headlights are new Cibié items.

The interior is equally beautiful, particularly because of its stunning color combination. The center console, door panels, and seats were all reupholstered in high quality leather and the carpets were renewed as well. The dashboard and headliner were both redone in the correct materials and a lovely Becker Europa radio is also fitted. The car is fitted with air conditioning, which blows, but not cold. The gauges have been restored (including the chrome trim rings) and the wing windows have been modified so that the latches will not fall off, a common Daytona idiosyncrasy. The trunk and engine compartment have also been restored and are excellent. The trunk carpeting has been renewed and the correct spare tire is present. The engine bay has been extremely well-detailed, and is both dry and clean. The original Dinoplex ignition boxes, correct look battery, and miscellaneous decals and plaques are all present and in excellent restored condition.

The underside is in beautiful restored and detailed condition. It is very dry, and also reveals that the car has had the center mufflers eliminated, a fact that is confirmed upon starting the car up. The car is loud and powerful, providing a great deal of power, especially in the upper rev range. The performance is remarkable, and the ride a bit on the harsh side, something that would probably improve with some attention to the shocks. The oil pressure is excellent and all synchromeshes are great, including the second gear synchro when cold. The brakes are effective and confidence inspiring. This is an opportunity to acquire a stunning example of this important car. Thanks to its sparkling restoration and host of desirable and difficult-to-find equipment, this car is a rare find, even among these already rare cars. It also has known ownership history from new, including the original selling dealer, and comes with the difficult to replace air filter housing, tool roll with tools, original books, and extensive service records back to the early 80’s. $435,000

The black over red combination of this Daytona is certainly attractive, but it's not the car's original color. That, along with an AC unit that seems like it could use a recharge don't suggest that this is a Daytona that could bring top dollar. It isn't a Spider or the rare alloy bodied variant, just another restored example. In this market, over $400,000 for a Daytona should bring along some interesting history with it, at the very least. Otherwise, we're looking at around a $350,000 car.


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  1. They are asking $435K, yet they open the door into a brick wall in the photos (image 13 of 25)?!? As I tell my wife all the time, they need to “exercise more care when parking and opening the door.”

    I’m sure this beautiful beast isn’t perfect, but if I had $435K to spend on a car, this kind of oversight would create serious doubts about the care this car is receiving.

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