1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1600

Before the days of the BMW 3 series or the Cadillac CTS-V, spirited driving and sedans were very much mutually exclusive terms, except for a few offerings such as the BMW 2002, which was only offered as a two door at the time, and the Datsun 510. Almost a decade prior, however, Alfa Romeo broke the mold with the Giulia. Introduced in 1962, this revolutionary sedan had a low drag coefficient of 0.34 and with 78 horsepower on tap from the 1300 engine, a top speed of around 100 miles per hour could be achieved. These cars soon garnered favor with the Italian police force and enthusiasts alike, even earning the role of the chase car in the original version of The Italian Job. Here is an original example of the later 1600 model with just less than 30,000 miles on the clock.

1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1600

You are viewing a very rare 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1600. Model number 10526. Very rare "Biscione" edition. VIN # AR188741901. Color: AR343 - Blu Olandese with Tan Interior. Ultimate Alfa daily driver! I purchased this very rare Giulia from an Alfa enthusiast that was living overseas. He imported the Alfa from Belgium in 2005, and since then, the Alfa has seen very little use. It is fitted with the original 1600 cc engine with dual solex carbs. The odometer shows 48,885 Kilometers. The "Biscione" Edition makes this Super quite a rare find here in the States. "Biscione" means "Snake" in Italian. The trim differences from a standard Giulia Super are as follows:

1. Sunken Alfa Romeo badge on the trunk
2. Chrome center strip on the hood.
3. Snake badges on C Pillars
4. Chrome "Berlina" Spears on the rocker panels
5. First part of headliner is black near the visors
6. Chrome surroundings on the interior light switch.

Mechanically, the Alfa runs very nicely. As shown, it has a very tidy engine compartment, and is completely stock under the hood. The 1600 engine starts easily with the pull of the choke. There are no charging issues, and the battery has never gone flat since I have owned it. I drove if for it bit this past summer, and it pulls nicely on the highway with plenty of power to keep up with the flow of traffic. Transmission had been rebuilt prior to being imported. It works fine with no syncro issues. The clutch feels fine as do the brakes. Emergency brake works in good operating condition as well. As shown in the pictures the car has "hanging" pedals. Driveshaft/Ujoints are all in good working order - donuts & Ujoints recently replaced. Electrics work fine except for heater fan. Exhaust system is in good condition with a rear straight pipe (stinger) for a nicer sound. All tires are in good shape. Known issues: At some point, the ignition switch was bypassed due to a broken key, so now it just requires the pull of a switch and the touch of a button to start the Alfa. Transmission leaks some oil. Steering has a bit of freeplay. Stone chip on windshield.

The interior is in very nice original condition as shown in the pictures. The dash is in nice condition including the wood trim. All of the gauges are in nice shape (Euro Gauges including Speedo in Kilometers). Door panels in very nice condition. The rear seat is in near perfect condition. Passenger seat is very nice as well. As shown, the driver's seat has a sheepskin seat cover to cover a rip in the lower portion of the seat. The headliner is in excellent condition. All windows work properly as well as door handles. The Alfa is fitted with European headlights as well as the red rear fog light.

The body has an older repaint in it's original AR343 Blu Olandese. It has held up pretty good, and has the normal "Patina" one would expect from a "driver". As shown in the picture, the passenger side front shows some evidence of repair. There are some misc. spots where paint has flaked off - including under the front bumper. Both bumpers are in excellent condition with no dents or damage. The body is very solid including the rocker panels and floors. There are also some other misc. spots that have been touched up or repaired over the years. There are some misc rust spots - most notably on both rear wheel arches and the passenger side rear quarter panel. There is no rust on the trunk lid or around any of the glass.

In summary, this is essentially an all original 41 year old un-restored Alfa. Far from perfect, but would make the perfect daily driver for the Alfa enthusiast. Something you can drive and enjoy without worrying about getting a door ding or a stone chip. The Alfa is ultra reliable and always starts. I would not hesitate to drive the Alfa anywhere. I put a bunch of Kilometers on it this summer and it never missed a beat! These Sedans are a blast to drive, and will always draw compliments wherever you go! I have done my best to describe the Giulia to the best of my knowledge. There may have been something I may have missed. If you have any questions, please contact me. License plates are not included - they are from my other Alfa.

I'm amazed how little miles this Giulia has under its belt, as they are a blast to drive. Cars like these put a driver back in touch with the purity of driving, unhampered by elements such as electronic aides and over-assisted steering. The German publication Auto Motor und Sport wrote about the Giulia at the time: “superiority that you can only use in moderation, if you do not want to frighten the other road users.” Around $10,000 should be a good estimate of where bids will probably go with such an unmolested example, but given the right amount of enthusiast interest, bidding could possibly surpass that figure.


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  1. Where is this car located. USA or Canada?
    Has It been sold?
    It is not in mint condition so I hazard a guess $10,000 is about right.
    Are you sure it has about 50,000 KM.

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