1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

As a follow up to the tasty Giulia Super Ti, here is another European spec Alfa Berlina from the same period. With dual carburetors and a five-speed gearbox, this 1300 Super for sale in California is a great way to enjoy some classic motoring with a side of practicality.

1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

1971 Giulia Super 1300 cc engine. 5-speed, great driving car. European model, dual carburetors runs great 4-wheel disc brakes.

Interior; newly recovered front seats rear seats in good condition with no rips or tears. Dash is in good condition with no cracks. Headliner is complete with no tears but has a few stains. Steering wheel is in good condition, Interior lights work, radio has a removable face. I never use it as the engine makes a nicer sound.

Exterior/Body; Paint is shiny in good condition and looks very nice, gets lots of compliments and smiles with no fading but not of show quality and not the original color. Bumpers are stainless and in good condition.

Engine/Transmission/Brakes Starts easily on the choke and settles to a nice idle, if it sits for a few weeks it needs a few pumps on the throttle to start. For a 1300 cc engine it has lots of get up and go and sounds great. The transmission is typical of an Alfa transmission and needs to be used gently when the choke is on and the engine cold but once it warms up shifts easily. The clutch has no slipping and works easily, the brakes work with no noise or pulling. The rear muffler will need to be replaced at some time but is not loud.

Driving; Drives down the road nicely I’ve driven it a round trip of 200 miles recently with no issues it is a comfortable car to drive. You are welcome to come and drive it – I recommend anyone wanting to purchase it to come and see it. Currently registered clear title in my name.

Giulia's of this vintage in this kind of condition are bringing roughly between $15,000 to $25,000 these days on average. While this car looks to be in good nick, it would obviously be a good rule of thumb to get a specialist to look it over. I like the honesty of the car. The rather plain color, steel wheels and single headlamps lend the car a subtle aura. But at its heart, it is still an Alfa, which means you'll be in for an entertaining drive.


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