1970 Fiat 850 Spider

Since we're talking about cheap motoring thrills this weekend at CICFS, how about this Fiat 850 Spider? Overshadowed by its larger sibling, the 124 Spider and eclipsed in popularity by the Alfa Romeo 105/115 Spider, the 850 does have its merits. Based on the Fiat 850 which was itself an evolution of the Fiat 600, the 850 Spider offers a unique driving experience with its rear engine layout and diminutive size. This car for sale in Oregon is good quality driver that you wouldn't be afraid to use and enjoy on a regular basis.

1970 Fiat 850 Spider

Very nice car. Purchased in San Diego in 2005, trailered to Portland OR. Driven daily for the first couple of years, but lately its been driven only in the summer and garaged all winter. Newly-plated Abarth header and muffler give it a nice throaty sound. Factory hardtop was taken down to metal and painted. A new hew headliner was installed at a local upholstery shop. New dashboard installed and dash rewired, but within a month it developed two cracks (pictured). Very reliable daily driver. New tires and battery, rebuilt carburetor, new master cylinder. Handles nicely. Maintained in Portland by a local shop whose owner used to race vintage Fiats.

Miscellaneous maintenance and improvements made over the last few years. Two spots of rust on the body, each about two inches in diameter. I had the trunk lid taken down to metal, a rust spot removed, then repainted. But it came back within a year. There is also a small bubble of paint at the bottom of the passenger door (pictured). Also, each seat has a two-inch separation of a seam (pictured). Entire bottom edge of car has undercoating treatment. Selling because I have too many vehicles and am self-funding a new business.

Fiat 850 Spiders in good nick will average between $5,000 and $10,000, so at $5,000, this is not a bad deal for what you are getting. While it has some flaws, they are mainly cosmetic and nothing that would be too difficult or expensive to fix. I've never paid much attention to these rear engined runabouts, but I think it's about time that enthusiasts wake up to just how much Italian fun a little bit of money can buy them.


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    If you click the link above the main pic in this post, you will see the auction is no longer active. The cars posted on this blog are not our own, rather, they are from third party sellers. Thanks for reading.



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