1969 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S

The Lancia Fulvia is perhaps my most favorite Italian classic. Not only does this little coupe have timeless looks and feature impressive engineering, it has a racing resume that puts other cars to shame. While the smart money for an Italian sports coupe of the era may be on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta GTV, the Fulvia is for someone who doesn’t conform and appreciates Lancia’s bold way of going about things. This beautifully restored Fulvia 1.3S is on offer from our friends at the Sports Car Shop in Eugene, Oregon.

Year: 1969
Model: Fulvia 1.3S
Engine: 1.3 liter V4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 21,767 miles
Price: Reserve auction

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We have for offer a lovely Italian 1969 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1.3S. A very unique car from a styling viewpoint with design details that convert what have been a functional boxy shape to a visually pleasing piece of art. It possesses a roomy cockpit, with excellent visibility and open greenhouse. Even more unique is Lancia’s approach to the engineering of the car. The engine is a rally proven 15 degree V-4 twin cam fitted with twin Solex carbs. The entire engine is located in front of the axle center line providing exceptional handling to this front wheel drive sports coupe. The steering is still light and responsive with no clues that the front wheels are the driven ones. This is a wonderfully nimble, excellent handling car with more performance than expected. A very capable competitor to Alfa Romeo and BMW’s of the period but much rarer. This car has undergone a recent ground up restoration on a very solid chassis. Every component was removed cleaned, serviced, and refinished. The engine starts easily, makes only the proper sounds, and runs well. The gearbox shifts well in all four gears and the brakes and clutch operate properly. Steering is accurate and very light. This is a driver’s car. The chassis was refinished top, bottom, in trunk, and engine bay. The body panels, floor pans and rockers appear to be all original, and are very solid and rust free. The red paint is well applied marred only by some very small parking dings and slight waves in some of the flatter panels. The interior has also been restored. The dash is in excellent condition and is nicely finished. The seats are nicely formed and comfortable. There is room for a six foot plus person to fit comfortably in this car. Even if one could find a solid car to start with, no one could duplicate this car for the selling price.

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There’s not much to nit pick about with this car. It’s about one of the nicest Fulvias that I’ve come across here in the US. Anyone looking to add one of these rare, legendary vehicles to their stable should certainly entertain the idea of at least kicking the tires on this one. Unlike the Alfa GTV, Fulvia values are a bit less, mostly attributed to their obscurity in the US market. I’d suspect somewhere around the low to mid $20,000 range is about right considering the condition of this vehicle. The only thing that makes me said is I’m on the wrong coast. This is certainly one of those bucket list cars for me.


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