1969 Bizzarini 1900 Europa

Bizzarini is one of those names bandied about that many enthusiasts may have heard of before but few are deeply familiar with. For a few short years in the 1960s, this company produced some of the most wild sports cars to hail from Italy. Founded by Giotto Bizzarini, an Italian engineer famous for his work with Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and involvement with Iso and the Rivolta, which we featured a few days ago. Bizzarini’s designs were low slung and featured both Corvette V8 engines and a V-12 of his own design. The 1900 Europe featured here was designed for Opel and based on the Opel 1900 chassis with their 1.9 liter four cylinder engine. Twenty were said to have been built, with five featuring a 1.5 liter Fiat four cylinder engine.

1969 Bizzarini 1900 Europa

Bizzarrini 1900 Europa, this particular Bizzarrini is the best exemple of the Bizzarrini Europa. Powered by a Opel 1900 cc, the car have been fully restore and his the best of the best. The car have powered windows, air co, leather. Documented, please call me if interested and you are welcome to test it.

I’ll admit that before viewing this auction, I had no idea of this car’s existence. However, I’m intrigued by it, as I always thought the larger 5300GT was a bit outlandish. This Europa scales down that idea nicely and has a delicate nature about it. A Europa came up for sale at a Coys auction in Padova, Italy and did not sell with a high bid of €90,000 (~ $110,000 USD). Bidding here has already surpassed that mark. Cars this rare are always harder to put a value on but one would guess the smaller engine Bizzarini would bring in less than the bigger engine machines. Or will it?


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  1. Lieven,

    The ad for this vehicle is no longer active. By clicking the large picture in each of these posts, you will be taken to the original ads/auctions where you can see if the vehicle is still for sale and can contact the seller from there.


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