1969 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750

The Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 is one of the greatest Italian sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s and this is reflected in recent market values. With a twin cam, 1779cc four cylinder engine, slick 5 speed gearbox and disc brakes at all four wheels wrapped in Bertone styling, what’s not to like? While you usually see these coupes in red, blue or silver, this particular GTV in Giallo Orca strikes a nice period look for one of Alfa Romeo’s most legendary sports cars.

1969 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750

This 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 in Giallo Ocra (Yellow Ocra) embodies the style and performance of the Italian car maker in the late 1960's. This is a rare opportunity to own and drive a classice piece of Alfa Romeo history. Everything about this classic is in working condition (all instruments, panels, switches, etc.)

After 42 years, this car is still running beautifully. The engine is in pristine condition and still rides wonderfully. The transmission works great and gear shifts are smooth. The transition to 2nd gear is free from the grinding that was common among several Alfa models. With the exception of some minor dents and dings (highlighted in the photos) the body looks great. The rare, and distinctive Giallo Ocra paint is completely original with the exception of the rocker panels which are coated in a black, texturized paint which was meant to protect from rocks and chipping. It is unfortunate that the paint was not applied to match the rest of the car, but it has served its purpose in protecting the rockers.

The car is protected with both a Ziebart undercoating as well as an additional rust-proofer. There is no traces of rust anywhere on the car including the normal trouble spots (ie. door jams, tire wells, jack points, etc.) Please note that in photo of spare tire well, there is an overspill of the Ziebart which is the black tar seen in the photo. The interior is like new and features the "flying buttress" seats made for both comfort and a sport-like feel. Brand new custom floor mats with golden emblems are a great compliment to the interior. As mentioned earlier, everything is in working condition. There is no need to ask if something works, everything functions properly.

Listed below are all of the updates and repairs that have been made recently.

New fuel pump and fuel filters; Fuel tank has been re-coated with Tephlon
1 New Brake Booster
Master cylinder has been rebuilt
New Straight Tailpipe
New Pads and Rotors
New U-joint, Center Supports and bearing
2 New Motor Mounts
New Trans Mount
All new Tie Rods
New Clutch Master and Clutch Slave, Flex Hose and Clutch Disc
New Custom Gold Emblem Floor Mats
2 New Rear quarter panel badges
New Caster Bushing
New Inner and Outer Shift Boot
New Battery
New Tires

With a starting bid of $18,000, we’re in the ball park in terms of value. With a no reserve, I would guess this example would fetch just shy of $25,000, given the cosmetic blemishes and non-original Ziebart rust proofing. These were not inexpensive cars in their day, as they cost significantly more than the Ford Lotus Cortina and BMW 2002 while costing just a tad less than the contemporary Jaguar E-Type. Parts are still relatively easy to find and servicing should not be as challenging as some Italian exotics, as long as you can source a mechanic with diversified experience in European motors. With Alfa Romeo’s imminent return to the US market, I would wager to say it’s a good time to buy one of these classic sports coupes, as they would be a more sound investment than common stock given current economic conditions.


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  1. Hi Paul,
    I had this model in this colour from 1975-79 in Tasmania. A great drive on windy roads! Is yours still for sale? Rego and road worthy cert? Raced?
    Very interested & prepared to give phone number.
    Cheers, Helen

  2. Hi Helen,

    The cars we feature here at CICFS are not our own, rather we post cars from third party sellers. The eBay auction is no longer archived, so one can assume the vehicle is sold.

    Thanks for reading,


  3. Hi Lourens,

    As noted above, the cars we feature here at CICFS are not our own, rather we post cars from third party sellers. The eBay auction is no longer archived, so one can assume the vehicle is sold.

    Thanks for reading,


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