1968 Lamborghini Islero

The predecessor to the amazing Lamborghini Jarama featured a few days ago was the Lamborghini Islero. This was the follow up to the very first models produced by Automobili Lamborghini, the 350GT and 400GT. While it wasn't as big of a success as the mid engined Miura, it certainly fit the mold of the refined touring car that Ferrucio Lamborghini was aiming for in his rebuke to the Ferrari empire.

Only 225 Isleros were ever manufactured, 125 Isleros and 100 Islero S models, which featured a tuned engine and a few minor styling changes. This Islero was one of a hanful painted in Bronzo Scuro, which suits its sublime character quite well.

1968 Lamborghini Islero on eBay

This is NOT the same Islero offered early this month on ebay. That was Islero #6411. Both cars are painted Bronzo Scuro, I supplied the paint codes to the owner of #6411. A lot of research went into getting the correct original color for the paint, working with friends at the factory, PPG and old paint samples. The color is extremely effected by light conditions, when in direct sunlight the color really comes alive.

This is Islero # 6243. There is a good possibility that the car was used in the short film Vedo Nudo - La Diva. Released April 17, 1969. Filmed early fall 1968. The time frame of the film matches #6243's build time and there were only about 4 or 5 cars built in that color. Body delivered by Marazzi to Automobili Lamborghini SpA Aug. 7 1968. Car completed September 3, 1968. Delivered to Swiss Lamborghini importer Garages Foitek Oct 2, 1968. Sold to dealer Bader.

Sold to a Guther Kraxner of Kirchberg Switzerland, Sold through a Carlo Pina of Solothurn, Switzerland to USA (CA dealer) Aug. 8, 2000. Sold to Ohio Sept 11, 2001. Owner transferred to NYC leaving car in storage at well know Lamborghini shop in OH. I purchased the Sept 4, 2003. I have records on the car including copy of the Swiss Title. I have hundreds of pictures of the car from its original condition when I purchased it, to the strip to bare metal, and repainting. It has also been documented on Ferrarichat.com - Lamborghini section - Islero thread.

I've added photos of #6243 when it was painted Blue and the Dark Brown color it was when I purchased it. When we stripped away the layers of paint we found the original Bronzo Scuro which is shown in the pictures. In addition to the body work. The following has been done to the car by the previous owner or myself since 2001.

New exhaust
Rebuilt Front and Rear Calipers
Repacked Front wheel bearings
Machine Front and Rear Rotors. (Have a set of new Front Rotors)
Rebuilt Brake Master Cylinder
Rebuilt Brake Boosters
New Brake Pads Front and Rear
New Brake Hoses Front and Rear
New Brake Light Switch
New Brake Light Assemblies
New License Plate lights
Clean out Fuel Tank
New fuel pump
Replace fuel lines with Stainless hoses
Carbs Cleaned, new needles and seats
Replace all engine hoses and belts
Replace thermostat
Radiator Clean and Flushed
Rebuilt oil cooler
Replace Cam Cover gaskets
Engine Compression Test - Strong (all cylinders within 10%)
New spark plug wires
New distributor caps
New points
New rotors
New condensers
New spark plugs
Front and Rear Bumpers polished
Door handles re-chromed
All trim pieces removed cleaned and polished.
New windshield gaskets front & rear
Front Seats - new leather
Rear Parcel shelf - new leather
Rest of interior conditioned and re-dyed
New Headliner
New Carpets
New Seat belts (4)
New Tires - (5)
Recovered sunvisors
New carpeting in trunk
New engine hood pad
Wheels stripped and refinished. (Not happy with result, plan to redo) minor issue.

Have new ball joints for front and rear as well as new bushings for front and rear suspension.
Plan was to put them as well as the Front Rotors on over the winter, rebuild front and rear shocks, clean and refinish suspension parts and undercarriage. Other minor things that needs to be addressed. rear ashtray (Alfa 2600), Dead Pedal (located), interior light (Mercedes parts bin), Correct Rear window latches (located).

This is stuff I can remember, I'm sure there are a lot more things that I've replaced that I've forgotten. It shows 97,665 klm (60,552 miles) on the car. While I don't have documentation of it, research indicates that the engine was rebuilt before it came to the US, which matches the strong compression numbers. Given everything else I've done to the car, if I felt the engine needed rebuilding, I would have done that as well.

Reason for sale: I have another car in restoration that will be part of a special display recently announced for Monterey 2012 (originally planned for 2013). That change has pushed forward the restoration schedule for that car. Unfortunately the Islero has to go as result of that accelerate restoration schedule. Auction may end early as the car is being offered within the Italian automotive community.

I always appreciate it when sellers include pictures of the restoration process. It is obvious that a lot of care went into bringing this car back to its original state, even if a few minor parts need to be sourced (not an easy task for such a limited production vehicle). The paintwork gives this car an air similar to Steve McQueen's Marone Metallizzato Ferrari 250GT Lusso. While these early four seater Lamborghinis have not reached Miura values, it does seem as if prices are on the rise, even if we are in harsh economic times. Overall, a good presentation of an oft overlooked model from the house of the raging bull.