1968 Fiat 500L

With Fiat 500 sales gaining this year, I can't help but reflect on the car that started it all, the or almost 20 years, the Fiat 500 Cinquecento. Launched in 1957, this was the car that put Italy on the move and is still a popular choice with city dwellers and first time drivers to this day. This particular 500 for sale in Rhode Island is quite tidy and the medium blue hue suits its endearing character perfectly.

1968 Fiat 500L

This is a beautiful Fiat 500L imported a few years ago from Italy. This Fiat is a very nice denim blue with a solid black interior and both are in very nice shape. If you have driven one of these before you will know they are fun to drive but a little under powered. This Fiat we have has been equipped with a 650cc motor which makes it a blast and makes the car actually usable. We rescued this one from a new fiat dealer who was using it as a show piece--it's that nice!! The car is sitting in our showroom here at Oxford Motorcars in Pawtucket, RI.

At $16,500, this asking price isn't way off the mark, but represents the high side of vintage 500 values right now. The high price could either be that cars typically are a bit more expensive in the Northeast or the dealer is trying to cash in on some of the current 500 craze, or a combination of the two. I do a lot of urban driving and to be honest, my MINI Cooper S even feels way too big at times. I can't help but get drawn in every time I see a mint 500 Cinquecento. They aren't the fastest or most glamorous cars in the world, but they are a great combination of economy and fun and in small package.


4 thoughts on “1968 Fiat 500L”

  1. Absolutely the worst possible time to buy a classic 500 (or perhaps any classic Fiat). I don’t follow the logic owners and dealers use to sell them, or the hipsters use to justify buying them: a car brand is relaunching in the US, so the cars they made 40 years ago are now worth 50-100% more? One of the many reasons I wouldn’t be a potential buyer for this one, I guess.

  2. my Dad bought me the first Fiat in America when I was 16..I guess 1958 or 9…would love that denim blue one if under $10,000….can easily drive a stick shift…give me some details please

  3. Hi Bill,

    The link takes you to the original seller; we just write about the cars that are for sale. It’s unlikely this car is still available though it may be.

    Best luck,

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