1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti

Before BMW and their onslaught of four-door M cars, Alfa Romeo did much to advance the game of the sports saloon, staring all the way back in the early 1960s with this car, the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Introduced in 1962, there were many variants in the lineup until the car went out of production sixteen years later. This Giulia Super Ti has the 1600 twin cam four cylinder engine and has been featured in a prominent Alfa Romeo book. On offer about 50 miles southeast of London, this Giulia impresses with its spec and attention to detail.

1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti

VVS are delighted to be able to offer this completely unique left hand drive 1968 Giulia Super Ti specification. This is another car in my personal collection that has been recreated regardless of cost, using best of breed in every area. The car was subject to a full MGS coachworks restoration and was infact recreated by the Alfa resto master himself Michael Spencely for his personal use. Please call me for full specification and full documentation of this recreation, there simply is too much to list, this is perhaps the most famous Giulia Super in the world, as featured in the "Berlinas" book and various publications, restoration costs were in excess of £50K.

At the equivalent of $48,000 USD, this is the most expensive Giulia I have ever come across. The stripes are a neat touch, but personally, I'd prefer my Giulia without them. This car has a bit of a restrained aura about it, and any added fanfare seems to ruin the theme for me. This car is another case of the restorer losing money on the rebuild costs, which is why it's better to buy such a car completed. But you have to respect those who toil long hours to rescue these cars from the scrap heap. Does that constitute around a $25,000 premium in this case? Probably not, but it's always nice to window shop.


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  1. A friend bought a new 1965 Alfa Guilia super T1 in NZ 1965 Was white painted it alfa Red we toured in it around the south Island,I received a ticket in after being chased by a officer for 11 miles in a 1965 holden i was only cruising, he was shaking that much had to wait so he could write ticket

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