1967 Lancia Fulvia

The Lancia Fulvia is one of my favorite classic Italian cars. I've promised this car a spot in my dream garage someday If its good, well proportioned looks weren't enough, it's got rallying pedigree to boot. This Fulvia for sale in Maryland represents a good opportunity for someone looking to buy a less than perfect car which they can finish to their liking.

1967 Lancia Fulvia

Last of the real Lancias. I do not know a lot about its history. It was bought by a US serviceman in Sicily and spent time in a collection in Wisconsin. I bought it from a man in Pennsylvania who wanted to convert in to a hillclimb car but got distracted by motorcycles. She has a 5 speed trans (I have the original 4 speed box) and an all steel body. The drivers floor was replaced at some point during its life, and I can find no rust on the car. The paint is fresh and the engine is rebuilt with less than 500 miles on it. The bodywork is not show quality but very presentable. The interior is very nice with carpets instead of the original rubber mats. The seats are in excellent condition, although I was told the front seats are not original to the year. I do not know these cars well enough to debate this matter, I just know I like them. They have open sides like buttresses and are comfortable and cool. The headliner has a repaired tear in it about 2" long over the passenger seat. The dash pad has a straight crack in the middle that I have covered with black tape. It does not take away from the overall impression of the interior. She is a tidy daily driver that needs detailing to finish. The main item is she needs door seals, I have the inner ones, a wiper arm and a trunk seal. She is missing one wheel center cap. This is a car that can be driven and detailed by a new owner who has the time and devotion to attend to it.
She drives well as only small bore Italian cars can and as a friend of mine who is a Jaguar mechanic says, she feels like a car that is much more modern than it is. It does not feel like a FWD car.

Below are listed the pros and cons that I am aware of.

Electric fuel pump on a separate switch to prime the carbs and use if the functioning mechanical fuel pump quits.
Rebuilt carbs with K&N style air filters.
5 speed trans. I have the original 4 speed trans that I was told is good.
Fresh paint-original color.
Fresh engine.
Mechanical oil pressure gage- I do not trust the original elecreionc item.
Wiper and blower motors rebuilt.
New tires.
Clean enfgine and transmission and painted engine bay.
New front and rear window seals.
Refinished wood dash and steering wheel.

Items needing attention, that I am aware of. Bear in mind this is a 45 year old car than has not seen regular use, and she probably has others.
Neess door and trunk seals (they are available).
Missing wiper arm.

I have tried to give an honest account of this car. It is not a Honda and will probably need fettleing by an enthusiast who understands the nature of old cars. Having said that she has never failed to start and has not let me down. The mileage on the clock reads 20688 KM. and I had to put in a number for E Bay but I have no idea what the real mileage is. The usual caviot emptor applies. There is no warranty implied or given. She is sold as is, where is. Funds must be cleared before car or title changes hands.

You can get a solid Fulvia these days for around $15,000 to $12,000. I'd suspect with the amount of work to be done, this car will pull somewhere around $12,000.