1967 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S

The Lancia Fulvia is without a doubt my favorite Lancia of all time and possibly one of my most favorite Italian cars. I've raved about this car before here in CICFS, but this is the oldest Fulvia we've featured yet, Oldest Fulvia we've featured. Designed in house by Piero Castagnero and introduced in 1965, this small coupe was where Lancia's status as a rally champion began. This 1.3S for sale in Washington is a prime example of one of Italy's lesser known heros.

1967 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S

What is being offered here is a 1967 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Ralley Coupe that belongs to a client. He actually owns 2 of them and has decided to part with one. The car is in very good, what I would call a great club car condition. Very straight over all very complete and for the most part correct. No signs of ever having been in an accident. I can only find two areas that seem to have had rust. one is the bottom of the passenger fender (see picture) and the passenger floor pan has been replaced at some point as well. The rest of the underside looks quite original and in good condition.

Receipts with the car totaling over $11,000. would show that in the last two years the engine has been overhauled and brakes rebuilt among other things. I know that my client has well over $18,000. invested in this car, so his loss can be your gain. The car has very presentable paint. The engine compartment is tidy and lightly detailed. The interior is very nice seats clearly reupholstered and to a very high standard, the dash top has been recovered, and the wood face on the dash is the nicest I have ever seen in a Fulvia (and I have seen a lot of them over the years).

The odometer shows 40,522 miles, I am guessing that is 140522 since the odometer maxes out at 99,999. miles. VIN # 818 330 006968. The car runs, drives and stops very well, and starts easily. The steering is nice and the front end does not seem to have any excessive play. Is this a perfect Concours example No, but it is a very good example and one I would not be ashamed to own, it would be hard if not impossible to duplicate a car as good as this at this price. Happy to help arrange shipping for the new owner but all shipping cost will be at the expense of the new owner.

The Buy it Now price of $17,500 is about bang on in terms of value for a clean, well maintained Fulvia, especially considering the recent maintenance done. I'm always surprised that these Fulvias aren't as valuable as the Alfa GTV from the same era, but perhaps their obscurity holds them back a bit. Still, for a car with such a storied rallying career, I tend to think values on these cars have nowhere to go but up.

The following is a short feature from Deutsche Welle TV regarding the rally version of the Fulvia, the 1.6 HF:


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