1967 Lamborghini 400GT

The Lamborghini 400GT was essentially a derivation of the first Lamborghini road car, the 350GT. This example for sale in New York was itself a derivative of the 400GT, in that it is the 2+2 version with extended sheetmetal and a back seat. The V12 engine was enlarged to 4.0 liters in this car, capable of 320 horsepower. A total of 247 of these 400GT 2+2 models were made before the Islero replaced it in 1968.

1967 Lamborghini 400GT

A beautiful and matching numbers 400GT 2+2. It has just had a $50,000+ Gary Bobileff motor rebuild and service. It is a true 2 owner car and was with the same California owner for the last 41 years! Offered in a beautiful metallic green with tan interior the car is ready to drive and enjoy. It comes with the original Belgium license plate, Brochure from the factory and extensive service records. Early V12 Lamborghini’s are become hard to come by. This car will make a great addition to any collection. For only $285,000.

In this shade of green over tan leather, this Lamborghini has an aura completely different from the flamboyant supercars the manufacturer currently sells. A similar 400GT sold at RM Auctions in 2011 for $341,000, which was the highest number one of these cars has brought. Hagerty is pegging a value for a perfect example at just over $200,000. Realistically, in this market, this is about a $250,000 car, which is not far off from that other Italian great, the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. Decisions, decisions...


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    Unfortunately, the ad in Hemmings has been taken down, which leads me to believe this car is sold.

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  2. Hi Dom, I’m not sure where you are located or if you would consider renting for the commercial instead? If you are still interested please post your email and ill get ahold of you through that mechanism. Thanks

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