1967 Ferrari 330GTC

Ferraris can be a lot like movie stars. Through the magic of enhancements and plastic surgery, they go on to live multiple lives. Such is the case with this 300GTC for sale in California. It underwent a cosmetic and mechanical restoration in 2010, returning the exterior to its original Verde Chiaro Metallizato. It was exported to the US in the mid-1970s only to return to Europe in the 1980s, and underwent several color changes along the way.

Year: 1967
Model: 330GTC
Engine: 4.0 liter V12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 37,175 miles
Price: $750,000 Buy It Now


1967 Ferrari 330GTC

Verde Chiaro Metalizatto (Light Green Met.) with Black leather interior and Black carpeting, Restored, Factory air conditioning, Excellent history, Documented by Massini, Owner’s manual and Tools.

This 330 GTC was completed at the factory in 1967 and delivered to the factory Ferrari agent in Rome, Motor Sas in June of 1967. In July of 1967 it received its first service at the Ferrari Factory Assistenza Clienti at Viale Trento Trieste in Rome, Italy with the odometer showing 1,994 km's. This 330 GTC was exported to the United States in the mid-1970's and little is known until 1980 when it was owned by Mr. Dan Heit, Pennsylvania and repainted Red. In October 1988 it was advertised by Mr. Heit for sale in Ferrari Market Letter described as Red with Black interior, fully restored and having been in storage for eight years with 38,000 on the odometer.

Sold in 1988 to its next owner in Belgium, this 330 GTC was repainted Grey and fitted with a Tan leather interior. It stayed in Belgium for many, many years and was seen at the 35th Anniversary meeting of the Ferrari Club of Belgium and documented in a color photo in Cavallino magazine in December of 2007. It was shortly thereafter sold to a gentleman in Italy.

In 2010, while in Italy, this 330 GTC enjoyed a cosmetic restoration back to its original color combination of Verde Chiaro Met. with Black interior as well as an engine, gearbox rebuild, new clutch assembly and cooling system service. More recently this 330 has received new shock absorbers as well as various suspension bushings and a complete brake service with new brakes and lines at each corner as well as a new master cylinder. All of the above mentioned work is documented with detailed receipts.

On a recent inspection and road test prior to our purchase, this 330 GTC performed flawlessly. It accelerated well with great power, the gearbox felt perfect with no synchro issues and the cars steering and braking systems felt exceptional and as they should for a properly maintained and restored 330 GTC. This 330 GTC has been lovingly owned from new, it has never had any accident dmage and is currently with 42,000 miles from new!

I have started this auction extremely low, don't get your hopes up for ownership at $100k (as you well know it is nowhere near its current market value), but have fun bidding and let's see who may want to own a proper, restored and well serviced 330 GTC.

These GTCs have always been some of my favorite vintage Ferraris. They have the classic single headlamp look up front with the nicely tapered rear end. The Colombo V12 and short wheelbase only add to this car’s desirability. At $750,000, this is one of the cheaper, pre-Daytona V12 Ferraris you can get into. Many other models of this era are going for seven figures.