1967 Ferrari 330 GTC

The Ferrari 330 range was the successor to the Ferrari 250, which was the vehicle that drove Ferrucio Lamborghini to complain about frequent clutch issues to Enzo Ferrari. If you're an enthusiast of Italian vehicles, you know how that story ended. The GTC shared it's chassis and independent rear suspension with the Ferrari 275. Over a two year model run, 600 examples of the GTC left the factory. This particular example is mostly original and looks sublime in this shade of brown, reminiscent of Steve McQueen's famous 250 GT Lusso.

1967 Ferrari 330 GTC

This 1967 Ferrari was originally purchased by John Dale Jr. in May of 1968 from Algar enterprises in Rosemont, PA after it had been a demo over the weekend and had 500 miles on odometer. During the first year of ownership the car was registered in Pennsylvania. Thereafter it was registered it was registered in New Jersey. Original sticker price was 15,800 and Mr. Dale paid $13,500.00. The vehicle was sporadically used by Mr. Dale until his death. The car was taken out of circulation by Mr.Dale widow until 1998. When it was purchased by its current owner Dr. Cook of San Diego Ca. The car was a rare find and required 2 years of work to reach its current sate, Emphasis was placed on presentation not restoration.

The car has been exercised frequently around San Diego and driven to Los Angelos for the recent Ferrari Nationals and to Orange County for numerous club events. The vehicle is considered a time warp. The vehicle still retains its original drivetrain, its original interior and 90% original paint. All in stunning preserved condition.

Dates of Service:

May 30th 1974: Miles 19,113, Modena Racing Company 770 11th Ave NY,NY. Engine Tune: Spark Plugs, Oil Filters, Shocks, Points and Condenser, Front Brake Pads.

April 11, 1976: Miles 19,706, Wide World of Cars Route 59 Spring Valley NY. Spark Plugs, Engine Oil and Filter, Flush Engine Cooling, Secure and replace all Hoses, Adjust Clutch, Adjust Front End, Adjust front and rear brakes.

Dec 3, 1979: Miles 20,500, Wide World of Cars: Oil filter, Flush Radiator, Points Condenser, Front Suspension Joints, Headlight Bulbs, New Tires.

Oct 29, 1981: Wide World of Cars: Master Cylinder Service, Radiator Antifreeze, Oil and Filter.

June 1984: Hoses, Grease fittings, Battery terminals, Antifreeze, Cigarette lighter, 4 Wheels re-chrome.

Sept 4th 1986: Change Oil/Filter, Clean Fuse for Window

Dec 23 1986: Replace rear exhaust Hangers, clean fuse box/new Fuses

From 1989 to 1998: Various Service records, including oil changes, adjustments, Air filters, rebuilt fuel pump all in service records of Mr.John Dale. Since purchased by New owner in 1998, Symbolic Service of La Jolla Ca has rebuilt the engine, clutch, brakes. Precious Metals of San Diego has rebuilt, Carbs AC System and Suspension, Steering Box, Light paint work to nose.

Over $20,000 has been recently invested. This vehicle is one of the finest original example 330 GTC on the market the vehicle has low miles of 26,539, it is a true 2 owner vehicle, we have receipts back to 1974 documenting all the work that has ever been completed, The interior is in stunning original condition. The drivetrain has been toughly gone through by professionals, and all its components are in excellent working order. The vehicle is virtually flawless inside and out its paint is original and spectacular. This is a no nonsense Ferrari and a fantastic investment car of this marque.

As the saying goes, they are only original once. The description provided by the seller leaves little guesswork for potential buyers. These GTC models usually sell in the $275,000 to $300,000 range, and at this price, the premium reflected is accounting for the car's originality and history.


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