1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

The 105/115 series Alfa Romeo Giulia coupes are the poster child for the practical Italian sports car. A bit more conservative than a Spider, less flashy than a Ferrari, these handsome two-doors had staying power in the Alfa lineup. Sold from 1963 through 1976, there were a number of variations, differing in styling touches and what was motivating them under the hood. This early Giulia for sale in Denmark is exactly how I would order up mine: in red, with some tasty alloys and a Cloverleaf on the C pillar.

1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Presented in 1963 the Giulia Sprint GT was the first model of Bertones new design for a small Alfa Romeo GT coupe to follow the highly succesful Giulietta from the mid-fifties. Designer Giugaro gave it the caracteristic 'stepnose' front. In 1966 the Veloce version was presented. Four extra horsepower from 105 BHP to 109 BHP from the 1600 engine, bucket style sports seats and some detail trim as imitated wood veneer on the dashboard and three horisontal bars on the front grille, set the more expensive Veloce from the standard Giulia Sprint GT.

We have known this Veloce for more than 15 years. 1st owner in Sweden was a dentist who had the car for decades. He had it cosmetically restored in Sweden sometime in the late 80s. In the early 90s it was sold to its second owner and came to Denmark for a mechanical overhaul. The local mechanic never finished the car and we bought it five years ago. Now it is totally restored: body, interior, engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes etc. New paint job to a very high standard in correct Alfa Rosso 501. Although one can not speak of mathing numbers with Alfa Romeo a Sprint GT Veloce should have engine type code 536. This one has not only the correct type 536. The series number is also within that interval that corresponds with this chassis number. This is as 'matching' as it gets in the Alfa world.

13,471 of these fine cars were produced and together with a 1750 GT a Sprint Veloce ranks perhaps as the most sought after model of them all, except for the very rare and prohibitively expensive GTA. This gorgeous two owner car has Danish papers and as such taxes (VAT) withing the EU are paid (not deductible).

Good Giulias and GTVs can be found in the high teens and can close in on $40,000 for the very best of the best. The asking price for this GT Sprint is just about right, if a tad high, considering the two owner history, condition and Veloce trim level.


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