1965 Fiat 500L

For almost 20 years, the Fiat 500, or Cinquecento, was the car of the people in Italy. At three meters long, this was a surprisingly commodious vehicle and paved the way for a number of small cars that Fiat would produce over the next few decades. Due to its simplicity, it also proved popular with the burgeoning car market in Eastern Europe. With a rear mounted, two cylinder engine, it was never the most powerful car out there, but automotive tuner Carlo Abarth worked his magic on this car and it became a giant killer. While not an Abarth version, this particular 500 is a nice example of the L model, or Lusso, which had a 17 horsepower engine and interior upgrades.

1965 Fiat 500L

1968 Fiat 500L 2 door. Great Car! One of the rare Micro Mini Cars. It measures only a little over 8 ft long. Parks easily on a 4X8 sheet of plywood. I've owned this car since March of 2005 and have had loads of fun with it. The serial number is 110D*1410516*. You won't believe the attention you will have when you bring this car to a car show! These are 2 cylinder air cooled cars, with 5 speed stick shift transmission. I understand that there were more than 4 million of these cars built in Italy, but they were never imported into the US for sale. The few old ones you find here are all cars that someone has had shipped over here at one time or another.

This is a very clean car as you can see in the photos. These cars are good for about 60 - 65mph, all day long and are advertised to get 55 miles per gallon. I'm far from an expert on these cars, I only bought it to have fun with it and that is just what we did. Now, other cars and other interests say that we should let someone else have it for a while. Comes with manuals and parts books, everything is available here in the US. Have some parts on hand that will go with the car. I have it advertised locally here in Minnesota also, so I reserve the right to remove this listing at any time, if it is no longer available for sale. $9,600.00 cash. Clear Minnesota title, priced to sell. This is a used car and I am not offering any warranty or guarantee with it. It runs and drives good and that is what you have. There are no known problems with the car.

At under $10,000, this car represents pretty good value when it comes to a Cinquecento. These days, mint condition 500s can be seen trading on a regular basis for between $12,000 to $17,000. While it may not be as safe as some modern day vehicle, for someone that needs a fuel efficient runabout, this would certainly be a unique, attention getting way of conserving fuel and having fun while doing it.


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  1. Patrick,

    The auction for this particular car has ended, but you can still contact the seller via the link above the main picture in this post. These cars are not our own, rather, we here at CICFS post cars from third party sellers.

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