1963 Maserati Sebring

The 1960s were a time of transformation for Maserati. Not only did this decade bring a transfer of ownership from the Orsi family to Citroën, but the company shifted its focus from competition to road cars. The Maserati 3500GTSi, better known as the Sebring, employed much of the mechanicals of the 3500GT wrapped in seductive bodywork by Carrozzeria Vignale. With a 3.5 liter inline six and mechanical fuel injection, the Sebring could reach just shy of 140 miles per hour and scoot to 60 mph in 8.5 seconds. This Sebring is for sale in Washington state and is in need of some minor fixes and TLC to bring it back to its former glory.

1963 Maserati Sebring

1963 Maserati Sebring (3500GTIS) Rare car, 1 of 350 series 1 models produced. Car is numbers matching originally purchased in Switzerland. It is in good driver condition to be used as is or to take it to the next level with a full restoration without the search for any new parts. Motor starts right up and runs strong. Starting to get a little timing chain noise so it will have to be tightened up and looked at some point in the future (put Maserati Sebring 1 in you tube search) Car has only been driven about 300 miles since this video was taken 3 years ago. Odometer was working up until recently but around 93,00Km it started jumping in random increments of 1000Km or more so something is stuck in the odometer. Currently it shows 11088Km. Converted to 3 dual sidedraft Webers. Still have the lucas fuel injection parts which will be included but would have to be rebuilt.

Interior is in great shape with the exception of the leather in the rear window which has shrunk and will need to be reconditioned or replace. Passenger side electric window works sporatically. Body has paint bubbles in the rocker arms and some rust and there is a crack in the front hood area which is not that uncommon for a 50 year old hand built body. Car has been repainted to the current color from what I understand in the late 70's, the original factor color was to of been silver. Was featured in viale Ciro Menotti issue 89, Car Toys 2006 calandar, winner of Sports Car Magazine Spirit of Motoring Award (best driver) Italian Concourse d'Elegance 2005, 2nd in class Italian Concourse d'elegance 2007.

This is a great looking grand touring machine that was ahead of its time in performance. It cuts a bit more of an athletic pose than the related 3500GT and many of the styling cues were carried on to subsequent Maserati models. While this example is sporting Weber carbs, at least it has the original parts for the fuel injection. High values for Sebrings can hover in the $75,000 to $95,000 range. If this car could be had for under $60,000, it would be good buy and give the new owner some breathing room to carry out the fixes this car needs and deserves.


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