1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

As rare as they are, we’ve featured a few Alfa Romeo 2600 Spiders over the past year. Here comes another one for sale in California. These roadsters featured a fantastic dual overhead cam inline six that bellowed out a mellifluous tone worthy of the most exotic Italian machine. The car’s styling was courtesy of Carrozzeria Touring and looked very much like an enlarged, but refined Giulietta Spider.

1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

The annual national Alfa Romeo convention is coming up in July; wouldn't you like to attend it in style? Location is Napa/Sonoma Wine Country. This beautiful Italian lived most of her life in Northern California, but now resides in Southern California. It would be a homecoming of sorts for her.

2600's are rare; just 2,255 were built between 1962 and 1966; this one is number 204. It is estimated less than 500 are on the road today. Six cylinder, in-line, hemi-head, DOHC. I am the third owner, however, just two families have owned this car. A friend of my Dad's at work purchased it new in 1963 from an Oregon dealership and registered it in California. He owned it for 10 years, sold it to my Dad. I remember as a kid riding in the back seat going to races at Laguna Seca, Candlestick Point, and Crows Landing. Dad drove it for just 3 years including to Mom's 40th high school reunion in Washington, Iowa before parking it in a garage. Car is 50 years old this year/ the last 39 years in my family.

New paint in 2000, rebuilt engine 2005, new interior 2010, new top 2011, and new exhaust 2012. I kept this car with as many original parts as I could; triple Solex carburetors, generator, points and condenser, 400 MM size tires and wheels. Black with a red interior is striking; a real head turner. I get thumbs up, waves, honks, and smiles whenever I take her out for a spin, top down, on a sunny Southern California day.

Extensive work was done by the famed GTA shop in Santa Ana 2011 removing all rust from the kick panels and inside on the frame where you cannot see it. Automobile is maintained by Stewart at APC in Orange. Garaged and car-covered in San Clemente, California. About 73k miles. Looks gorgeous, runs great, sounds beautiful. Fun to drive. Comes with black and gold plates, some original parts, including rubber mats, tonneau cover, car cover, 1:43 model, DVD of S1M0NE. No shipping on this item; just drive it or you arrange to have it shipped home.

While they command a bit more than their smaller stablemate, these 2600 Spiders offer relatively good value for money when it comes to Italian exotics, mainly due to their obscurity as compared to vintage Maseratis and Lancias of the same period. Values for these big Spiders can range from $20,000 to a little over $60,000. I'd suspect this car is somewhere near the top, and will bring a figure solidly in $50,000 territory.