1961 Lancia Flavia

Ahead of its time as usual, Lancia revolutionized the mid-sized sedan game in the early 1960s with the Flavia. A tidy looking sedan with styling that made it hard to tell whether it was coming or going from a distance, this car featured a 1.5 liter horizontally opposed four cylinder engine powering the front wheels. Stopping power was provided by disc brakes at all four corners. Needless to say, this car performed like few cars in its segment. This example for sale in The Netherlands is a two owner car in mostly original condition.

1961 Lancia Flavia

Beautiful original Lancia Flavia of the first order. From Switzerland from the second owner with 73,000 miles. The finish is very good, but not perfect in some places, chrome share very nice! Very detailed accents like Lancia is known for. Beautiful original interior! A rarity in this condition!

At a little over $18,000, this Flavia is priced out of line with what you would normally pay for one of these cars. If this was an Alfa Romeo of similar vintage, you might be able to pull that kind of a figure, but Lancias are more obscure and garner a smaller following. I'd say about $14,000 to $15,000 would be about tops for a Flavia in this condition. While I've never driven one, this little car speaks to me. I view it as kind of a thinking mans Alfa Romeo Giulia. Quirky, but with restrained styling and engineering that doesn't put it far off pace with modern day motors.


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Dated: Dec 13 2012

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