1958 Fiat Fiat Abarth Zagato “Double Bubble”

Working with Sports Car Shop in Eugene, Oregon, I've had the pleasure of sampling a couple of these. As their webmaster, I get some brief seat time with most of their cars on the way to the park for photographs that end up on the website. They are a Double Bubble specialists and actually have 3 Abarth Zagato's right now!

On to the car seen here which is for sale in Chicago by another sports car specialist, we have a fantastic looking driver that proudly wears California Mille decals; an event I'd love to attend especially in great little specialty sports car like this one!

1958 Fiat Fiat Abarth Zagato "Double Bubble" For Sale on eBay

quote from seller's listing:

This car is in very good mechanical and cosmetic condition with new biscuit tan with black piping leather interior, fresh headliner, recently painted dash, restored instruments via Palo Alto Speedometer, refinished steering wheel. New floor pan, water pump, electric fuel pump, horn, steering control arm, etc. Has full roll cage & glass windows. Car was also prepped for the 2010 California Mille, an aggressive 5 day drive, keeping up with Porsche 356s, small Alfas and Lancias. Great fun in the mountain twisties. This is not a trailer queen. We drive it frequently for rallies and car shows. The car has been maintained by an Italian mechanic who specializes in Fiats and Ferraris.

California Mille Rally number can be easily removed as it is stick on. Buyer can either leave it on or we can remove it.

The picture from behind demonstrates really well where this model gets it's nickname of double bubble. And I can confirm that from the inside these cars, those few extra inches of headroom would be critical if wearing a helmet as it's quite tight on the inside. That said, this one has a nice interior fitted that looks quite comfortable and stylish. Great looking car!


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  1. Hi,
    Know the stuff you are toting on your web
    Sight! Know Abarth ! Have Alfa s built Engineer,Re newed modified –everything-from scratch!.
    Thinking of purchasing an Older Motor Cycle. Give me you input on a few models
    Not having one for some time.
    Input– are you On! What about it–couple models one —1990 Honda vfr 750– can it compare with Ducati

    Await your Speedy Reply Sean Lindsay

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