1950 Lancia Ardea

Looking like an enlarged Fiat Topolino from the front and having hints of the Chrysler Airflow from the rear three quarter view, the Ardea was Lancia's small car entry from 1939 through 1953. This was a milestone vehicle in that it was the first car to be fitted with a 5-speed manual gearbox beginning in 1948. These were well thought out cars, with a V4 engine, a 12 volt electrical system starting in 1941 and alumnium cylinder heads on the 4th series, which bowed in 1949. Curiously, this is a right hand drive vehicle. From the mid 1920s, dictator Benito Mussolini required all drivers to drive on the right. Lancia, always one to do things their way, continued to produce right hand drive cars until the 1950s. This Ardea is currently for sale outside of Turin, Italy.

1950 Lancia Ardea

Lancia Ardea year 1950. Original Italian plate & papers. Very well preserved and in good working order. ASI Gold Plate homologation. Mille Miglia elegible.

The ASI (Italian Vintage Car Club) certification is a huge plus with this vehicle. Coming across an Ardea these days is a rare treat, especially a survivor like this. Valuing an Ardea, especially in the US market is a challenge due to the limited supply. Hagerty lists and average value of $16,488. If one could pick this up in the $13,000 to $14,000 USD range and leave enough of a cushion for shipping costs back to the US, you would have an interesting piece of automotive history to show off at your next local car show.


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Dated: May 11 2012

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